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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Watch Out for The Last of US 2 Ultra Massive story and ending Video leaked on Internet by former ND employee on Internet. Don't trust anything when it come TLOU2 words and letter on Internet

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Marth said:
Aerith dies

I dunno about that, with the way the remake is going, I wouldn't be surprised she lives.

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I ended up getting the plot spoiled for me. Its unfortunate but it hasn't deterred me from a day one purchase!

I had my own theories about the story but I never expected this.

Hiku said:


Nvm, just don't talk spoilers in here or anywhere on the forum.

Just fucking start to ban the shit out of these people posting it even with a spoiler tag, its pretty obvious the agenda of most of them 


Dante9 said:
~Knowledge based on spoiler info edited out~

Remember ND wants us to open our minds...

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Well... I accidentally saw a major spoiler on an unrelated video.

People are fucked up man.

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Hiku said:
Captain_Yuri said:
I do think that sooner or later, we should have a spoiler thread. I think there are people who read the spoilers and watched the videos and they want to express their opinion on it and it's better for them to do it in a spoiler thread than anywhere else on the site. If Sony had it's release date of May 29th, then I'd say no spoilers till then but the way these leaks have been spreading and TLOU2 potentially being delayed until the ps5. It's gonna be hard to keep it under wraps.

I understand, but there are some problems with spoiler discussions, even in separate threads and even under spoiler tags, that can reach the eyes of unwilling participants.

For example, if you go through another members posts in their profile, you will see things said under spoiler tags, as if there were no spoiler tags used.
People do that from time to time, and moderators often have to read through people's posting history.

So I'll discuss it with the team and see what works best.

For what it's worth - Ryuu did bring it to my attention about spoilers appearing in the Profile pages, and I'm working on changing that now. As I understand it, the there are four places I'm currently addressing:

1 - the main Profile Home page (which gives a summary of everything a user does, including recent posts).

2 - Also in the Profile pages, under the Posts tab

   2a. Recent Replies listing
   2b. My Posts listing. 
   2c. My Threads listing.

If you're aware of any other places where this needs to be addressed, feel to let me know (either here, or preferably in the Website Forum or with a private message) - I will make it a priority to ensure Spoilers are kept hidden...

Jranation said:
tripenfall said:
They shouldn't have delayed it again. I mean it's not their fault and leaks are shitty but almost inevitable with a game that big.
Question - we've been hearing for years that an all digital future is coming and then this game gets delayed indefinitely not due to the fact that the games isn't on schedule, but more that they can't produce and ship the physical game. It goes to show you how powerful the physical game market is and continues to be into the 9th gen of consoles. Or am I wrong about that?

The players are ready to go all digital but clearly the companies who produce the games are not. 

Physical sales are still around 50%, so I wouldn't say that players are ready to go all digital. 


Will this be the first bomb ND has released in a long time? There are people hating the leaks and cancelling pre orders. It will be a love or hate game, which probably will be divisive among the fans. I could be wrong, only the time will tell.

~Knowledge based on spoiler info edited out~

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~Knowledge based on spoiler info edited out~

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Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

EnricoPallazzo said:
COKTOE said:
I'm reading about "certain elements" that sound like they might cast a pall on the experience. I STILL haven't played Uncharted: Lost Legacy, due in part to the absurd retcon of the the Chloe character. The very idea of doing something like they did is so stupid, it's actually offensive. Much less going through with said idea. I'll definitely still give TLOU 2 a chance however. Assuming I can avoid spoilers.

I have played all uncharted games, but no Lost Legacy. What happened to Chloe? I love her character

Perhaps I posted with too much gusto. I can say I really don't like the substantial alterations made to the look of the character. There's no justification for doing such a thing IMO, especially since it was only Chloe who was changed. It's not as if the series was rebooted and the entire cast received an artistic overhaul. Just her. Because.....? I won't speculate until I've tried the game, and even then, I may need to be drunk to do so. I remember going into my purchase ignorant of the game, and didn't even know it was supposed to be Chloe on the box cover. When realized it was her, "WTF is this bullshit?" was basically my reaction.

What I can't say is how much her character traits may or may not have been altered. I was told by a member here in a discussion on this topic quite some time ago, and I'm paraphrasing here, "If I you liked Chloe, prepare to be disappointed when you play Lost Legacy", which as I mentioned, I have yet to do.

- "If you have the heart of a true winner, you can always get more pissed off than some other asshole."