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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Early Predictions: PS5 - XSX Gap + Combined sales.


Early Predictions: PS5 - XSX Gap + Combined sales.

PS5 wins more biglyer. Overall sales up. 6 15.38%
PS5 wins more biglyer. Overall sales down. 3 7.69%
PS5 wins more biglyer. Ov... 0 0%
PS5 wins less biglyer. Overall sales up. 1 2.56%
PS5 wins less biglyer. Overall sales down. 16 41.03%
PS5 wins less biglyer. Ov... 6 15.38%
XSX wins. Overall sales up. 2 5.13%
XSX wins. Overall sales down. 2 5.13%
XSX wins. Overall sales equal (+/-5%) 0 0%
Rerun of this gen 3 7.69%

Nothing much has been announced yet except specs, controller and possible new business models but I thought it would be interesting to see how predictions change as more is revealed.

By all means post sales predictions but given how early it is this is a more general estimate about whether the race will be tighter or more one-sided between MS and Sony and whether they'll outsell last gen.

I think the race will be tighter because MS have upped their game and don't appear to be making any huge mistakes this time.

I think combined sales will be lower given the lack of GTA6 at launch and Fortnite not needing an upgrade or having a competitor on the horizon. Add Switch into the mix and as things stand I can't see any new growth without a new mega-IP.

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160m combined end of gen

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Instead of seeking to convince others, we can be open to changing our own minds, and seek out information that contradicts our own steadfast point of view. Maybe it’ll turn out that those who disagree with you actually have a solid grasp of the facts. There’s a slight possibility that, after all, you’re the one who’s wrong.

I'm curious.
It will all depend on the games. They already rolling the rumors with horizon2. I'm expecting the hype to to go over the roof after the reveal events. All the hype MS has gardner should dissipate.

I honestly dont see MS coming out with anything bug aside from halo and forza this year. Sony probably has 2 games planed also. But I'm guessing more halo and forza won't build so much hype. Its only caught so much attention because nothing has been anounced yet for sony. It was basicly halo against nothing.

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Historically Xbox has better game launches and taper off. But it doesn’t matter. PS can coast on brand name alone and Europe and Asia will bring them ahead. Albeit by a slowed rate compared to this gen.

Can’t stress enough I feel exclusives have 0 weight in themselves beyond small bumps. Sony barely has to try and MS has to be objectively better just to stay not-far-behind. It’s unfair and subjective but in doing so I benefit immensely. While Xbox will lose in the console space, I actually believe it’s more then possible the Xbox brand can surpass PS between Console/Xcloud/GamePass/PC Xbox. 

Combined sales 180 - 200 million 

Xbox: Best hardware, Game Pass best value, best BC, more 1st party genres and multiplayer titles. 


I think PS5 will win but it will be much closer than this gen for sure. Phil's vision is leagues better than Don Mattrick's at the start of Xbox one with his TV TV TV and this bullshit:


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PS5 will wind worldwide, but the gap will be much smaller. I'd say PS5 sales similar or a but lower than PS4, while Xbox Series X (and S) will sell much better than the Xbox One. 85-100 million lifetime for Xbox Series X and 100-115 million for PS5.

Xbox Series X will win in North America, UK and Oceania. PS5 will win everywhere else.

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Well, we still don't know the price points. I think once they're set it will be a huge indication of how the next generation will play out.

There's also still the chance for colossal blunders in the form of RROD type situations with early hardware, or massive marketing errors.

Then the launch exclusives, we know MS has Halo, but what sort of Halo will it be? Has Sony anything big ready for the first two years?

I think the uptake of the new hardware may be a lot slower than this generation. Both of them need to show something compelling to get consumers to jump. At the moment the old consoles are still offering a huge amount of content. My guess as to why Sony went the route of really pushing the SSD is that they felt the visual jump alone was not enough, they'll try to market the instant loading, fast paced, netflix type of gaming approach.

I could well be wrong, I'm hoping to be dazzled by the upcoming game trailers and I'm curious can they offer something in the form of the leap we saw this generation to open world. That was a major selling point, suddenly most games no longer had to be linear.


This is my gut even though we don't know most of the important stuff, like games, yet.  PS5 will win by a smaller margin worldwide.  Series X will win by a narrow margin in US and UK.  Combined sales of the two systems will be down, because a lot of people will have Switch as their sole console, and will stick with Nintendo for Switch 2.  Combined sales 140m.

Switch won’t have any effect on PS5/Xbox Series X sales and viceversa.

If Sony can release a PS5 for $449, they will have a great chance to become the winners of the generation. But I’m still seeing Xbox winning US and maybe UK, the rest is all PS.

I think PS5 will maintain it's crown into next-gen but Xbox will close the gap. I think 65-70 million for Xbox Series X/S and 110-115 million for PS5. So, PS shrinks and Xbox gains. I may change my opinion depending on pricing, as I'm currently expecting both to cost 500 (if one ends up being a lot more expensive for example, that would obviously change things).