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Forums - General Discussion - I have a job, but dear lord do I hate it.

Currently working as a Security Guard. Been there two years now. Today, I had one of my co-workers who was working a 2 hour shift tell me he had to go to the restroom. So I came to his spot in the building, and gave him a break. He didn't return for 30 minutes. I couldn't go anywhere, because the spot has to be covered no matter what. This guy took a 30 minute break on a 2 hour shift. Pretty sure neither one of my bosses give a shit. Sure, the building was empty, and I had nothing to do. But it's just the principle of the thing.

We talked about it after his shift ended. The guy was pretty irate, that I dare give a shit about a 30 minute break in an empty building. He then went on to tell me that everyone in my building hates me, and that I have anger issues (I basically do).

At the end of the day though, I'm not upset about the 30 minute break. I'm upset that it seems like every other week some sort of drama goes down, or some vital policy gets broken (which makes me look bad). I'm upset, because I've been working 6-7 days a week since Feb. I'm upset because, thanks to Corona I can't even get another job if I wanted. I'm upset because I've been 6 days a week every other week since I started the job. Why do I do so much OT? Because my job can't pay enough money to keep people around. So then they pencil me in for more OT than I can handle.

And to boot, I honestly feel like I'm on the verge of getting fired, and that they're just keeping me around right now, because they can't legally hire new people until the Coronavirus shit ends.

I'm trying my best to do my best in this job. But it just feels like every other week something ridiculous shit goes down. Something equally ridiculous as some 20 year old kid wanting a 30 minute break on his two hour shift.

Yeah I have like $2200 in extra money and all. But if I get fired that'll only last two months and then I'm screwed.

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You've been there for two years and you don't like that job. So, wait until things get a little more normal, so you can get another job, then quit.

You're not a slave. So, if you spend two years in a crappy job, the problem isn't the job. The problem is that you stay there.

Sounds like it's time to start searching for other jobs.


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I kno the feels. Recently put a end retail after doing it for a decade. Now I do Insurance and will be getting as many licenses as possible to ensure I never go back.

Why do it then? I get that you're doing the job still since it's basically impossible to find a new one right now, but the overtime? Just say no to the overtime if you don't want to do it.

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I always thought Security Guards just watch cameras, maybe do a few rounds every 2 hours and otherwise play video games. Watching a boring spot manually for 30 minutes would be torture...

Either way that guy didn't respect you doing him a favor, so don't do it again. He can hold it or ask someone else.

Go postal.

Hunting Season is done...

If you are desperately trying to get out of there, I know grocery stores and delivery jobs are desperate for people willing to work. I've been stuck in one of those jobs where they were just holding on to me until I wasn't needed anymore and it's rough. If do stay, wish you all the best of luck there.

Once you have developed a bad relationship with co-workers everything you do will be picked up, when this happens move on as soon as you can

Did he apologize? You could ask him do the same favor for you and take 30 mins.

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