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Forums - General Discussion - I have a job, but dear lord do I hate it.

Having a to go some place you hate on an almost daily basis is terrible. No way to live. Always worrying that you're about to lose your job is right up there, too.

You have to do what's best for you. Tons of people hate their job but if it stresses you out with no signs of getting better, it's time to go.

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I feel you man... There is one way out of this. As soon as things settle, go and find a new job. That is exactly what I am planning to do, and I have a good income and actually decent co-workers (but the project is absolutely horrible). I've been in your shoes and stayed for financial stability, and quite honestly I almost cracked. DON'T let yourself go there because it's not a nice place to be in.

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I've been in an abusive job where everyone hated me. Being let go during the trial period was the best day in my life. The two jobs I had since then were just full of nice people to work with. Having shitty people around you isn't normal and you should get out there asap.

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You don't have to wait until this is over. My little sister quit her job, moved to a new city, and got an even better job during this crisis (she's a nurse so I guess it was pretty easy for her...) But my wife's twin sister left her fiance two months ago, moved in with us, and got a new job two weeks ago.

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I understand financial stability is the #1 issue if you got like a family or debt or whatever necessity. But if you dont have any real necessity the #1 thing about a good job is the coworkers. Ive done very crappy jobs but with great people and we just have a good time doing anything and time flies by. But now a have what you would call a perfect job but my I got switched in shifts 2 times cus Im the youngest, no family and all that so I was the only one flexible, now Im working with the most annoying guy and an in between guy who thinks is the boss. But I can ignore both so Im still good.

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Ok I got fired from my job (was already working from home), but have 2.5 month of salary witch they are legaly bound to give me, which represents $2.7k per month. I was feeling sad about it but reading your post make me feel like a douche.

So yeah, I hope you'll get through this and have a better job soon

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Guy goes to shit got 30 mins. Why, was he giving birth?

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even im a long shitter, but thats like 10-15 mins max
that guy is just mad, fuck him

Edit: steps to fuck this guy
1. deny his requests from now on
2. LOG everything
3. snitch and provide the logs
4. explain to the management why this is their risk and not your responsibility ( they generally dont see their loss unless pointed out, if you are talking his spot means an other location is vunerable etc. )
5. as mentioned by the other guys start looking for a new job (  who is going to fill your hours right now if you quit gehehehe )

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I see people here telling you to quit and if you aren’t happy then by all means start looking for anything. But I’ll go a different route and help you cope with the situation while you are in it.

You mentioned anger issues, and that can play a big factor in any job you may take going forward. Because a job isn’t so much about the work as it’s about the interaction with people during said work.

How you behave around others can have a impact on how you are perceived. If you are cynical then people won’t be as open to you. Trying to avoid your predicted responses is a domino effect because then people gossip about it.

I’ve worked with people who follow your general description and I will tell you what I told him: read the crowd you are around. Say things that they would want to hear or wouldn’t mind hearing. Keep conversation light and neutral if you can’t be positive. Though you are now facing an uphill battle I wish you luck in future endeavours.

Quick Tip: If things are relaxed where somebody can take a half hour break, you do it too. It isn’t personal it’s just people getting through their shift (albeit in a less then desirable way). 

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spynx said:

Guy goes to shit got 30 mins. Why, was he giving birth?

I work with one of those 30 minute shutters! My job is like the OP. We have posts that need to be manned 24/7. We also have "comp posts" where you're pretty much free to do whatever you want for 2 hours but you need to be available in case something comes up.

This guy will say "Hey, can you relieve me? I need to use the restroom." Then he's gone for thirty minutes. Meanwhile something actually DOES come up and you're needed. Suddenly people are looking at you for holding things up but in reality, some guy was taking what I assume was a "5 pound dump".

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