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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How The Switch 2 Could Do 4K@120fps

Bofferbrauer2 said:

The result came from putting a Jetson TX1 and a Jetson Xavier both at 10W and against each other in gaming tasks and benches. Believe me when I say that Xavier doesn't have much reserves at low power in these tasks.

To be fair, we also have 7nm on the table, which Xavier doesn't use, but could.
12nm is based on 14/16nm which in turn is based on 20nm.

Bofferbrauer2 said:

Both Xavier and Orin are axed towards AI and Deep Learning and away from Gaming. They are much more powerful than the X1, but can't tap into that power in Gaming tasks unless specifically programmed to, which would be the same problem as the PS3 had with the Cell processor. Hence why I said before already, I expect NVidia to create a new Tegra design based on Turing or Next-gen more axed to gaming instead of using a Xavier or Orin variant for the Switch and their Shield line of products.

In a console environment, we can assume developers would be building games for the hardwares various nuances... Plus Nintendo can drop a chunk of that TDP down by underclocking, undervolting and disabling some CPU cores or even the tensor cores if they don't want A.I upscaling.

Orin isn't even out yet though, to early to tell what it's electrical characteristics will be like.

Bofferbrauer2 said:

About your last link: You saw how much the performance came crushing down in the Jetson Xavier NX compared to Xavier? And how the price shot up from the Jetson TX1 or even the original Nano (which is cut down and weaker than the Switch btw)? Due to this, I just don't expect even cutdown versions of Xavier or Orin as viable in a handheld console.

nVidia can charge a premium for their "drive" hardware because their name is the best in the business right now, so to speak.

Plus it's nVidia with the nVidia tax.

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