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Forums - Sony Discussion - First look af the PS5 controller. The DualSense


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Leynos said:
It might be because I'm a robot but I have no issue picking up any controller from SEGA to TG16 to Sony to Xbox to Nintendo and finding them easy to hold and knowing without looking where the button placement is of each letter/symbol. Xbox uses SEGA's layout. Nintendo uses the same one since SNES. Sony for whatever reason uses X to confirm in the US but O in Japan which makes more sense but still easy to adapt to. Wii U sticks gave me no issues either. I actually kinda miss the 6 button layout of Genesis/Saturn controllers. I don't get why 20 years later the placement of sticks is still such a hot topic. If you have an issue, get a 3rd party or one of those adapters to let you use an Xbox controller on PS.

If you want to know why... nintendo is overly popular in japan, so the control layout for japanese games for RPGs matches up with the SNES controller, ergo, nintendo's, while it matches sega/xbox (lets be real xbox is the sucessor to the dreamcast... considering the dreamcast can run windows). also cultural difference, x means no in japan, O means yes. in america, you check things to mark it yes, also x marks the spot, while circle doesn't have the yes meaning in america. so japanese devs followed the SNES way, the american devs (which sega, later xbox and sony had a ton on thier side) used the sega/xbox way.

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Even though some of the console renders look pretty decent based on the DualSense, I hope a two tone console also means that SNY will go with a PS3 type launch in terms of color availability. Having the option of dominant white, black, or grey would be nice. Maybe the black version being all blacked out to match most entertainment centers? Not a fan of white electronics other than as show pieces.

Would SNY come out with a design lab like MS, for a completely custom designed controller, as well as console?

I use PS4 controller to play on Stadia and plan to buy a dualsense.