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Forums - Music Discussion - Post your favourite songs to pass the time

Since we are all locked up and possibly getting bored, how about we post our favourite songs or ones we are listening to right now.

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also

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Oh sweet Jesus, I can't figure out how to properly link on mobile. Anyways, whatever I guess. This is the original, but there's a slightly faster version I like too.

I won't say what I do when l listen to this, but I will tell you it's the reason pwrlvlamy left the site without saying anything to anybody.

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Right now I'm listening to Realms of Arkania: Star Trail OST. Nice medieval soundtrack from an old PC game.

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I cannot, for the life of me, get this off my head.

Other songs I find myself putting on repeat

For all you youngins, a taste of my favourite year of music, 1991 across a number of genres. 1991 was Gen X's 1969.

Bullet in the Head is my favourite sounding Rage Against the Machine song of all time. It features an anti-propaganda media message, anti-establishment, anti-patriotism. Rap was very political in the late 80s and early 90s, and for my money nothing topped Rage Against the Machine. Their sound was most heavily influenced by Public Enemy, particularly Tom Morello's menacing guitar style highly influenced by Public Enemy.

This song is, unfortunately, still entirely relevant. The line "Some of those who work forces, are the same that burn crosses" really hits home with the US atrocities against undocumented immigrants. This is the most anti-ICE song you can get.

This is one of Tupac's heaviest hitting raps, from his younger years when he was still very feminist in his art (that changed a lot after he signed with Death Row). This song pulls no fucking punches. Tupacalypse Now was a very political album, as rap tended to be in the early 1990s before shifting more toward battle rap by the mid-90s. The Angelique verse beginning at 1:52 is one of the hardest hitting of any song ever on a record album.

When pissed off in school, and work, and anything, this song is great medicine. Also off Tupaclypse Now, which is Tupac's most underrated album by far.

While My Bloody Valentine is the band that most people know Shoegaze for, Lush is IMO the best example. Shoegaze began as a derogatory term for Dreamwave music because the performers were always looking down at the pedals instead of our at the crowd. 

This is Lush's best song, IMO. Although it's hard to choose just one with so many great tracks. This song sounds like if My Bloody Valentine and Pixies had a baby. Lush and Pixies are both on the 4AD label, which is one of the best of all time.

You can't have a 1991 list without Nirvana. No band is more responsible for smashing open the floodgates to virtually smash the establishment in rock, which had drifted into these boring power-ballady type songs. With Nirvana came an entire new generation of rock and alternative music. Nirvana was on the other great label of this time period, SubPop, before they moved to DGC.

Drain You is a great example of Nirvana taking the Pixies style of power pop another step further. Nirvana's live efforts were a different sort of beast than their studio efforts. Rawer, more energetic, more wild.

The short aggressive bursts had a tremendous influence not just in hip hop but also punk, electronica, and alternative music. Public Enemy was the primary influence on Rage Against the Machine's menacing sound. They are one of the most unrecognized yet influential bands of the last three decades. This is a production with them an Anthrax (rap and punk/rock collaborations were popular in the late 80s and early 90s, and there are examples throughout the 90s).

Mariah Carey is the greatest vocalist of all time, and IMO her best album was her sophomore release: Emotions. This is one of my favourite songs off of it, but the whole album is great. On this album, Mariah flexes talents as a singer, a songwriter, composer, and producer which, IMO, really sets her apart from Whitney Houston and Celine Dion since she was able to dig deeper into her raw talent. In later albums, due to criticism that she relied too heavily on her otherworldly vocal talents to make chart topping hits, she would tone down... and then the critics would backlash about how her vocals weren't as high quality as her past efforts (can't win!). IMO, while the later Mariah stuff is more technically sound, I enjoy her wilder early stuff more.

This song was highly controversial in its time, in some countries the video was banned. Eddie Vedder is the only surviving lead of the major Seattle grunge bands. Another SubPop band.

Soundgarden was the third largest grunge band from Seattle. And the third and final SubPop band on this list.

Alice in Chains were the 4th major Seattle Grunge band. This, IMO, is their best song although it wasn't as popular as some of their later work. Years later, Layne Staley would die on the same day as Kurt Cobain, April 5th (2002).

Pixies pretty much prototyped the sound of American alternative music by making a more hardcore punk influenced version of power pop. Although, ironically, they weren't nearly as well known in the US as they were in Europe. Most were introduced to the band by Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain, and Fight Club much later (Courtney Love was dating Fight Club star Edward Norton at the time, likely had an influence). This is the second 4AD band on this list.

Like Nirvana to grunge, My Bloody Valentine is main representative of the shoegaze movement. They are one of the most influential bands of the 1990s alongside Pixies, NWA, Public Enemy, and Nirvana. The band, and their 1991 album Loveless were featured in Final Fantasy 7 as background art in Midgar, so there's a video game connection here too.

Most will say Metallica was best in the 80s, but for my tastes this is their peak.

Call me crazy, but I felt Use Your Illusion was significantly better than Appetite. Estranged is my favourite song by the band.

Probably the best alternative hip hop group of the early 1990s.

Influenced by the Shoegaze movement in the British Isles, and also the alternative scene in the US.

I love a lot of the wild female punk from this period: Hole, Babes in Toyland, and Bikini Kill were from among the dirtiest hardest punk around.

This was an interesting demo that I had to post at the end of all of this.

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Here are some samples of the foundational bands who created the gen x sound. All really great bands.

Alternative music owes much to Siouxsie.

Pretty much every indie rock band since 1985 has influence from the Talking Heads.

Joy Division is to 90s punk-influenced genres as the Velvet Underground and the Stooges were to punk influenced scenes/music of the 70s.

Devo, a giant influence on "indie pop" music.

Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads) introduced hip hop beats into other music styles which would be the ancestor of trip hop and R&B fusion genres: Mariah Carey would sample this beat in two of her number 1 hits: Fantasy and Heartbreaker.

Synth pop was born of the Human League and Gary Numan.

Blondie pioneered a variety of popular music styles that would be big throughout the 80s and 90s. Like the Talking Heads, they were widely influential to a large number of musicians

Many late 80s and early 90s punk/grunge bands owe their sound to this band.

Gogos solidified the New Wave era power pop sound after Blondie pioneered the New Wave version of it. Belinda Carlisle would go on to have some of the most enduring 80s hits, particularly Heaven is a Place on Earth.

New Jack Swing which would be the largest influence on the most popular music of the 1990s.

I mean, technically this is 6 years after he debuted under New Edition in 1983 (Bobby Brown essentially told him to go F himself and became the new song writer for the band) and Maurice Starr replaced New Edition with the white version, New Kids on the Block. My Prerogative is when the style hit boiling point.





I'll stop now.

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I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.