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Forums - Music Discussion - Post your favourite songs to pass the time

This is probably my favorite song of all time (Life Like Weeds by Modest Mouse, incase the official Youtube channel's video doesn't work in other countries), if not for how beautiful it sounds then for it's lyrics. Especially at 3:47 - 5:30, just lyrically and sonically perfect. 

Though for another Modest Mouse song, this is a pretty close contender (and a couple more but I will refrain from posting too many). That ending is magnificient. 

From the top of the Ocean/From the bottom of the Sky might be the most creative way to describe land. 

I'll post more later. I already see Pixies, Alice in Chains, and Talking Heads posted, and I'll definitely double down on those. 

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From Fiona Apple's new album Fetch the Bolt Cutters that got a 10 from pitchfork and 100 in Metacritic...

Listened to the album quite a lot and has been one of my fave album of all time

This song is such a genius, the tempo up is so unpredictable and i dunno how to explain... and made me so uncomfortable so yeah! great record over all.