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Chris Hu said:
d21lewis said:

Dude! You literally just have to plug or unplug it whenever you want! The PS4 is the one that says the HDD was removed improperly and has to do a system check!! 

Not only that even if you don't turn of the PS4 the right way or you have a short power outage it has to do a system check.

Didn't want to post it because I wasn't sure. Haven't seen it in a while and I was hoping there was an update that solved the issue. Simply turning off the console via the power button shouldn't result in a scolding from the console...

Even now, I still have no idea how to properly turn off my PS4! 

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victor83fernandes said:
smroadkill15 said:

Don't assume how I live. I pay for all my own shit. If you can't afford to keep it power mode to instant on, you don't have any room to complain about it. It's YOUR choice to make the boot up longer than it needs to.

It actually doesn't and I couldn't find any videos confirming it. Only time internet effect boot up is when there is a system update. If you had power mode set to instant on, this wouldn't be an issue. Instant lets you download everything in the background and update games while you're not using it.

Then I don't know what to tell you. 

Excuses, somehow fans just make excuses, I repeat, I do not leave my devices on, period, if not to save energy, then to help the planet, whatever. Xbox X for all that power, boots slower than ps4 in most times. There's evidence on YouTube, lets not come up with excuses.

If instant on would use 1Watt then I'd leave it on, but 15watts? No thank you That's 360watts in one day for not using the device, at the end of the year I could have bought 2 full priced games for that wastage.

I repeat, I doubt you have bills to pay, if you don't care about the bills. Everyone with a home of his own always cares about the bills.

When did I say I don't care about bills? I said, it doesn't bother me if I leave my console on instant mode. If I leave my console on instant on for 24 hours a day for an entire month it will only roughly $1.38/month. Of course it cost more because playing it uses way more energy than leaving it on instant on. It cost about $27-30/year to run my console which includes play time. It cost $16.61/year if I left my console on instant on without playing it. I'm not sure where you got the idea you can buy 2 games fully priced for the same amount.  

Played around with it even more today. Deleted everything except my recently played stuff and my "pins".

After a while it felt a little too empty so I added a club (Awesome screenshot club), the store, and Mixer. I think I added "Community", too. I like seeing what my friends are doing. I may tweak it some more tomorrow but I'm pretty happy with it.

With that said, if you showed me a screenshot of what it's like now and what it was like before, I doubt I could tell you what was changed.

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