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As a little kid playing whatever I could for 25 cents a pop, I never cared about owning a game. I just wanted to play. As I got older and finally got an NES, I wanted to keep as many games as I could--even if they sucked. And I wanted to beat every single game I played before moving on to the next one.

As I got older and got my own money, I bought more and more games and machines each generation. Eventually owning more games than I could ever dream of beating.

Now, as I'm older, things have almost come full circle. I have my digital collection but all I care about is being able to play whatever I want to play. My collection of maybe thousands of games mean very little to me. On any given day, I look at decades of collecting and there's just nothing I want to play. I can see myself eventually giving streaming a go. One day.

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Lag and input delay do not sound very appealing...

If they work out the kinks like input latency to an acceptable level, sure.

I don't want it now though. I'd much prefer a dedicated piece of hardware. The technology simply isn't there yet.

Digital copies of games, streaming and endless micro transactions are replacing physical game purchases.
When a server shuts down, digital copies of games disappear and the games must be repurchased on new console.
Physical game copies will eventually disappear and it will be digital only.

If they are able to get rid of the latency and lag I see no problem with cloud gaming. Microsoft has stated there would be no xCloud exclusives and it would be used as a way to play your games while on the phone.

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I prefer digital and physical however Streaming doesn't bother me because a good game is a good game regardless how you play it.

Conina said:
goopy20 said:

With MS's new strategy of focusing on XCloud with a subscription service, instead of just launching a traditional next gen console. I'm just wondering what your thoughts on this are. Of course it pretty cool if you can stream Series-X games on a Xone or mobiles, but is that really what gamers want, instead of a more traditional console? People won't need to fork out $599 for a Series X, which is obviously great and GP does offer great value. However, if you want to play the big AAA games like GTA6 asap, which I'm sure won't launch on GP from day one. You will still need to buy them for $60 just so you can play the cloud version. It didn't really work out well for Stadia, so why would MS go down this same road? 

With Sony's strategy of not ditching PSNow with a subscription service they are clearly not focusing on their next gen console. I'm just wondering what your thoughts on this are. Of course it pretty cool if you can stream PlayStation games on a PlayStation, PC or mobiles, but is that really what gamers want, instead of a more traditional console?

PsNow is just a thing Sony has on the side and they barely promote, or talk about it. Maybe that will change one day and we will all be playing in the cloud in the end. But it's a bit different with MS saying GP is their dna for the next gen and how they're convinced the future of gaming will look like.

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Shadow1980 said:
I think it'll have limited appeal, and only to those who have the needed internet speed and lack of data caps to make it practically and economically feasible for them.

But for most serious gamers, I doubt it will make much inroads. I'm pretty much a physical-only person, with the only digital games I have being ones I got for free as part of some promotion. I don't like digital because you don't own the copy. The copyright holder does. They're merely leasing it to you indefinitely. Thus you cannot lend, sell, or trade the copy unless the copyright holder gives you permission to do so. They can even rescind your license to use "your" copy (quotes intentional) for any reason or no reason at all, something that has happened in the past. If the title has been de-listed from digital storefronts or the digital store closes and you lose your copy for any reason, you may not be able to re-download it (this actually happened to me before nearly a decade ago, and is what made my anti-digital stance more ossified). If a title is only available digitally and you didn't get it while the getting was good, you ain't getting it all, maybe not ever (at least not legally). These are typically not issues with physical copies, which are legally your property to do with as you wish (except for making and distributing new copies, obviously), and since copies usually remain on the second-hand market you can, in principle, find and buy a copy of an out-of-print title, even if you had a copy and lost it or never owned a copy in the first place.

Streaming is even worse than digital downloads, though. It takes the worse aspects of digital and combines it with the most annoying aspects of always-online services. Not only do you still own nothing, but your experience is completely dependent on both A) a constant internet connection, and B) the service being up and running. Even if you only play single-player games, if your internet connection goes down or the service is experiencing any sort of interruption, you don't get to play anything. If a title is removed from the service for any reason, you don't get to play at all, perhaps not ever again (at least not legally). If the service ever gets shut down, well, you're just shit outta luck. Better hope there's an alternative. At least with digital downloads you have a local copy to show for your money, at least in principle. With streaming you can't even say that much.

Sadly, physical versions of many games are worthless already. I switched to the digital version of GT Sport for convenience while putting my useless steel book first edition copy on the shelf. The game on there is about 20% of the content that's there now and when the servers turn off you can't even play it.

With Dreams I immediately bought the digital version (didn't like the box art anyway) since that too is worthless without updates and the online content. Racing isn't suited to streaming yet something like Dreams might actually work better if hosted in the cloud. Easier collaboration, being able to work together from many devices, see what others are playing etc.

Streaming offers new gaming possibilities. Stuff like PS home (ps3 experiment) that works without loading times, second life, ms flight simulator with all traffic, fitness games that match you up with others like Peleton, any mmo games and games with frequent updates or using real life data.

It's not for everything and for something like
I will always prefer a physical edition. Maybe it will come to consoles eventually with a boxed option.

trunkswd said:
If they are able to get rid of the latency and lag I see no problem with cloud gaming. Microsoft has stated there would be no xCloud exclusives and it would be used as a way to play your games while on the phone.

That's not smart. Not using the unique possibilities cloud gaming can offer will only cement the idea, why bother! Meanwhile imagine trying to play something like Death stranding on your phone. I can hardly read the fonts on a 52" tv!

I want native AAA games on a Cellular connected Handheld. Sadly, that is just not going to become a reality, so the only option left for AAA gaming on the go is streaming via 5G.

If we could get a 5G PlayStation Phone or Xbox Phone, that offers a shared library with the Home console, then I would have much less interest in streaming. Though, even in that scenario, I do see where it would be nice, because you could have instant access to your entire library, versus a select few natively due to storage limitations.

Streaming is definitely a worth while technology, and there is no reason not to utilize the technology, however, I view it as a secondary option. Ideally, I would only game on console/handheld hardware, with games optimized for the platform.

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