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Will Pikmin 4 be a 2D platform game?

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Cerebralbore101 said:
F-Zero? Lol this is so fake! No way Nintendo is going to bring that back!

Also, MP4? We won't see that for a couple years, since development just had to start from scratch.

I mean, they announced it was changing development 13 months ago, and I doubt that they started development the day Reggie announced it was delayed (likely they tried to salvage whatever the original title was before restarting). Which means it's possible they might have something to show. I doubt it's going to be a couple more years. No Metroid Prime title has taken longer than 36 months to develop, and the first two were developed in less than two years.

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Yeah, I don't think this is going to be true. With them including Pikmin AND FZero AND Metroid Prime it just looks like the E3 "leak" wishlist that always come about.

I mean, I'm still hopeful, just not actually expecting. Though, I could definitely see Pikmin 4 being announced as next year's major Spring release game.

I expect Nintendo will showcase games coming up in the Spring with one or two announcements for future releases. Unless one of those titles are appearing sooner than we expected, I doubt we will hear about all of them.

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Adding to the speculation here is Platinum just teased a major announcement for Thursday, 02/27/20.

Based on this thread this gives more indication there may be a general direct that last Thursday of the month.

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See, this is what happens when you delay the Direct this much, rumours start popping up, and whatever they show won't match the hype.

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The announcement of an Animal Crossing Direct appears to be correct though, there's that.