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Radek said:
Nu-13 said:

You will see a switch 2 in 2022 and it should be around 8x more powerful than the switch. Anyway those are retail prices with huge profit margins.

Make it March 2023 so Switch can have full 6 year life-time, after all it's not a failure like Wii U, no need to rush Switch 2 even if they never release Switch Pro.

Honestly, today for me, the games looks gorgeous on the Switch...Even next to PS4 and XBOX1. Zelda BoTW is gorgeous, Splatoon 2, Astral Chain, MK8 at 60fps, they all looks gorgeous enough to hold on the competition.

But after winter 2020, there will be TWO technical gen of difference, not only the graphics on PS5 and series X will be a step even higher, but the gameplay (AI, interaction, size of the worlds) as well will be at a higher level. I still see sales of the Switch collapsing from winter 2020 (Nintendo makes 50% of their yearly sales in financial Q3...), I hope I am wrong but I can't see the sales of the Switch staying healthy once we have the 2 other new big machines released.

If they have not reduced the price of the OG at 250 (300 including 1 game), with at least, BoTW 2, Bayonetta 3 and something else for Christmas, I see them being dangerously down for the next financial Q3.

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People keep thinking that hardware power is an advantage.  It isn't.  From a business perspective hardware power is a disadvantage.  It drives up costs. 

Switch doesn't need a more powerful model to increase sales.  Sales are very strong already.  And if they want to increase sales then the main thing they can do to their hardware is cut the price.  There are still a lot of handheld gamers out there who can't really afford a Switch.  There are others who want a second one, but not at the $200/$300 price that it is currently at.

Switch doesn't even need an upgrade until they are ready for the Switch 2.  What they do actually need at some point is a price cut, but even that they don't need any time soon, because Switch is still selling extremely well.