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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Cyberpunk 2077 delayed until September 2020

a delay isn’t terribly surprising, but damn that’s a long one. Might as well call it a next gen launch title. Ban if old

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Thats what, 5 months of delay? Thats a lot, but at least its not coming close to the release of FFVII Remake now, so that works for me.

I knew this would happen, especially since CD Project has a history with delays...oh well this just made my decision to wait for a next gen version much easier.

Yeah... I thought this about Avengers too. Delayed so close to nextgen may as well delay it a couple more months and release them on ps5/xsx at the same time.

All these delays for cross gen.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

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Well this sucks for me, but I guess this means I can grab Kakarot, Resi 3 and Animal Crossing to tide me over until then, but I do hope the delay is well worth it and very well polished.

I guess this will also give me more time to go for a new CPU and GPU, as I was wanting to upgrade some parts just for this game. 

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They fear Cloud Strife :

Good. That would have been six really good games all releasing between March and April. Meanwhile nothing is coming out in May.

Well, if there is indeed a next-gen version, I'll just wait for that. That's a hell of a delay, though.

On the plus side at least the March-April period isn't as crowded.


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For fuck sake, such a long delay too