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I like how they did Breath of the Wild.  I wouldn't change much as far as game mechanics and I've never really cared about the story in Zelda games, but I want all new content (new monsters, new areas, new items, etc...).  The only major changes to gameplay I'd want are:

1. Make dungeons like Hyrule Castle.  I like the idea of an ancient ruined castle or a haunted crypt.  Make it thematic and about exploration and combat like Hyrule Castle.  Make the physics engine and climbing work as normal just like Hyrule Castle.  No more puzzle dungeons.  I like having a ton of shrines just the way they are, and all the puzzles can be put in the shrines.  I'd love to have 10 or so dungeons that were fleshed out with secrets, monsters and treasures like Hyrule Castle was.

2.  Make the basic combat and swordplay more engaging.  In BotW it was decent, but I want it better than decent.  I really like fighting as Link in games like Hyrule Warriors and Smash Bros.  In those games it is fun just to swing your sword and hit things.  I would like that kind of experience in the next Zelda game.

Other than that keep the basic game philosophy the same.  I really loved the large overworld in Breath of the Wild and definitely want the same feeling of challenge and exploration.  Put in lots of things to find: monsters, treasure, shrines, korok seeds, etc....  Keep the same physics engine.  I am totally fine with weapons breaking if that's what they need to balance the game.  I want the same feel I had with the first game, but with all new content and my two points improved.  That's basically it.

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Copy /paste from a year+ ago in main Zelda thread (I would add a lot more to the list if I had time or energy for that):

- more consistent and better physics - I can give numerous examples, but just latest from my son's playthrough - standing in shadow during the day in Gerudo desert with ice block in your hand and waiting for the night to come, knowing it won't melt, while you're waiting the whole day, is just bad design (this is how he solved today Pokki's quest, going around all enemies).
- more enemies, suited to region and with different resistances to certain types of damage
- more weapons with defined type of damage
- no endless slate powers, especially bombs are ridiculously overused - "magic" needs meter/"mana" like in previous games
- weapon and shield wear and tear is fine, in fact armor should have it as well - it's just they all need some sort of meter to show its condition, as well as blacksmiths to repair/fix them
- underground locations - every time I ran into some destructible rock formation I was hoping it will be entrance to some underground such luck...which brings me to:
- classic 3D Zelda dungeons sprinkled with classic RPG really needs, Divine beasts are not good replacements...they are fine, but they are too easy, too short, and too few...which leads to:
- no shrines...they are really poor replacement for dungeons - there's nothing more boring than solving neat environmental puzzle and getting yet another orb (and potentially some breakable weapon/shield)...this lead to:
- proper rewards should be really high on their to do list - it's about time that LoZ gets rings and amulets - jewelry in Gerudo Town was step in the right direction, it just needs to be rings and amulets, so that they do not take up armor slots
- no Korok seeds - most of those "puzzles" are boringly repetitive and it's really silly mechanism to enhance your inventory space...this leads to:
- inventory really needs fixing - sorting is terrible and ingredients are not marked with what their special properties are...and limited weapon/shield space makes no sense whatsoever the way it's implemented; also pausing game while going through inventory and healing yourself is really, really bad design
- no towers - I honestly see no purpose in them, other then getting a map - and I'd rather that maps of different qualities are sold at the shops or with NPCs, in addition to being auto generated as you explore (in latter case, names of locations would appear on map only if you acquired that knowledge in some way)
- climbing - this is one of my pet peeves with a game - while I like that there is climbing in game, its implementation, for me, breaks the game in so many ways - Zelda is not RPG, so attributes, skills and other modifiers are not to be expected, but something like encumbrance should be a thing - wear heavy plate armor and have ton of loot and see how good you are at free-climbing 90 degree (or even more, which is even more ridiculous in BotW) vertical cliff - this would at least make current very basic hearts/stamina upgrade path somewhat more interesting and make different playstyles necessary, depending on personal preference
- better side quests - while there was enough of them, most of them are quite simple and is, after all, post TW3 era.

-Traditional dungeons
-Remove the weapon durability mechanic, or make it less punishing. I don't mind it much, but it's not like I think it's great.
-Make Zelda playable
-More in-depth story

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Hiku said:
RolStoppable said:

2. I didn't think that someone would play Fire Emblem so conservatively. Iron weapons are readily available for cheap prices and you can keep using steel and silver weapons when the situation demands it, because by the time those would run out, you can buy steel and silver without problems. One thing I like to do on Fire Emblem replays is to forego buying any weapons/staves while still clearing the maps of all enemies. Most games have enough free weapons to make it feasible on more than just the lowest difficulty setting.

The plan was to save the stronger weapons for later when I needed them. But that never really happened.
I also may have been in need of more weapon usage than some players, because I maxed out the relationship between every character pair. And attacking with a weapon was a consistent way of doing that, so I had to buy a lot of cheap weapons. Perhaps I was lower in gold than I should have been because of that, or worried that I would be if I spent too much on stronger weapons.

I do this in a lot of games. In Final Fantasy I doubt I've ever used a Megalixir. Saving it for a rainy day that never comes.
I realize that by doing this, I miss out on the fun of using those items. That's why the sound of unbreakable versions of more weapons in the next BOTW sounds good to me.

I'm the same way. I only use Megaexilirs when fighting the final boss. I save magnum bullets for the final boss in Resident Evil. I tend not to use Str Up, Mag Up type items until the end game too.  I'm usually very stingy with consumables in general.

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Bri5ol said:
On my list would be:

Pre Calamity Hyrule
Elemental Dungeons
Magic (in some capacity)
New transportation (water/air)

Magic spells is something I'd like them to try it again. IIRC, OoT was the last time we had them.

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Side Quests that aren't "Fetch 50 rushrooms."

More varied buildings and landscapes.

Loot or some form of reward that makes fighting the random encounters actually worth while.

More items/tools for better more varied shrine puzzles.

Shrines that don't all look the same and more content in the game besides just shrines.

With BOTW2 apparently sharing the same map, this gives them ample time to actually fill that map with varied and interesting content this time.

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Barkley said:

Side Quests that aren't "Fetch 50 rushrooms."

More varied buildings and landscapes.

Loot or some form of reward that makes fighting the random encounters actually worth while.

More items/tools for better more varied shrine puzzles.

Shrines that don't all look the same and more content in the game besides just shrines.

With BOTW2 apparently sharing the same map, this gives them ample time to actually fill that map with varied and interesting content this time.

Yeah since they are using the same map I would guess that the world will be a lot more filled with things and the game will be more content-exploration than world-exploration focused. But of course its the same map and will maybe be altered in some way from story-based events so world-exploration will still be a huge part, perhaps just less so for people who already played through the same world in the first game. The dev team can focus their time on content rather than building a gigantic world.

Nothing changed from botw, isnt botw the king of metacritic, 10/10 given like cookies , now you telling me this game is not perfect?

After like 50 hours playing it i thing everyrhing is fine Gameplay wise , they can improve it by adding even more ways to play. weapons getting fucked after battles is fine imo.

The rest? They can improve A LOT , blows my mind how a game with such medíocre story , pathetic low amount of enemie diversity, lack of dungeons, castles etc and places to explore and use the awesome game mechanics, attrocious voice acting gets só Much perfect scores.

They created cool characteres but didnt gave them time to shine WTF, you have so few conversations that are important yet 80% of those conversations they cut the voice acting and the characters just make grunts and weird noises ... Whats this, is this N64 PS1 era? Are you telling me nintendo dont have money to pay decent voice acting.
Missions are lame, improve it too.

Now let me climb this fucking huge mountain to get this amazing reward, oh fuck ... Its another kararoth seed, oh but my radar is beaping,. Now let me waste 20 minutes finding the place to finish it in 2 minutes.


Breath of the wild opens SO MANY possibilities that i'm really happy they go simple by taking the same "world" aka has i understand it is the same Hyrule and Zelda/Link of Botw. Zelda is always a top secret franchise and i'm pretty sure he wouldn't have said we play in the same map before we even know what the game is coming or the name. I'm thinking we will have a short tutorial and opening scene where it leads to the cutscene we saw, then it will wether change the overworld map significantly or take us somewhere else, they probably hinted for the lather since the Castle was literally being lifted.. like for what? Underground passage opening ? Is it going to fly ? They had projects of having an alien invasion for the og Botw storyline... which the Mastercycle 0 was also a scrapped idea but added later. Maybe they will dig in more into scrapped ideas that were more atypical for the franchise since to me i think they wanted to go simple for the story and areas while changing the overall formula, and i think this sequel will take the formula (obviously) while expanding it and push the franchise into areas we never saw before.

Botw is a masterpiece but nothing is perfect, *hint at a comment made before me*. Also, depends on your taste, some people didn't like it and it's like that for everything in life. But anyways, i would like the sequel to have :

-More variety and out of this world areas. Which this would include more specific and different enemies, weapons, fauna, mechanics, for each environnement. Botw kept it pretty simple in that sense having pretty earthy feels, i would like to see more fantasy stuff. They always like to make new entries completely different and by making a sequel and keeping the same graphics and probably gameplay too, they will have to do it so i'm not really worried about that.

-Temples. I really like the divine beasts, it was fresh, but i really want to see big temples with different themes, making it more memorable for each environnement it's in. I like the shrines too, but i think maybe make it so there is a little less shrine and put more length into the main temples would be great, which again, they hired for people working in that departement so again, not too worried.

-For the Bosses, that's probably the only thing i was disappointed after beating Botw

(though that DLC made it a bit better, one of the best boss of the franchise imo)

So i would like to see more unique bosses that goes along with the temples and environnement changes. And again, this is probably going to happen with the 2 previous points literally connecting into that, usually. 

-Last main thing is story. I like the improvement they made into the characters of the game, dialogues and cutscenes. We know it's going to be back. Main thing people didn't like and i pretty much agree on that is the story taking place in the past, making it so you don't really feel connected to the characters and the actual story. It was a nice idea, but yea something in the present is more enjoyable. Something that isn't really mention is the presence of a plot twist in literally every Zelda game, but in this one there is no surprise till the end it seems. You know the goal and you get there eventually and beat the boss and it's done. Usually you have a side story that's developping into the main story, the switch happens, and you sometimes have new areas you didn't see coming etc. That's pretty much my first point as well, but i would like more surprises in the scenario and areas you didn't expect to go to. Like sure it's open world and you can go everywhere, but what stops them to make an area that you have to go through a portal or wathever from the Zora area where you will continue this side of the story but expand on it. Also, something darker and a more threatening boss would be nice.

-Actually i have another point which is kinda the same but i would like to see more events on the map that isn't related to story. Like there was so many nice areas in the game that just ended up being a shrine which again, kinda killed the element of surprise cause you knew what was going to happen if you did the little enigma. So maybe add secret bosses or hidden legendary items. Stuff like the Blood moon but that actually does something and more falling stars kinda stuff.

Now, some things i really liked in Botw that i want to see more of in the sequel, i'll be brief :

-More QoL (cooking book)

-More legendary weapons, thought we keep the breaking system. I think they could find a way to make it so the first items don't break that fast. I liked the aspects you could find later on like increased durability, stats. They could expand on that and would make it so durability would not really be a problem later on, cause early in the game i thing it is a necessity or else you could just sneak into a higher level area and leave with a strong weapon and then beating the game too easily in the first half.

-Areas with a locked difficulty 

-More side quests stuff like the Yiga clan

-More magic stuff. Liked the wands but it was incredibly limited. 

-Gears that have a greater impact. Love the customization but would be nice to have something to climb in the rain. Maybe makes it so it's slower but still ables it.

Looking at this it really feels like i hated the game LMAO, but it's actually top 2 of my favorite game of all time, if not #1. To me, Botw opened so many doors i just know they can push further and makes me excited in the franchise more than ever before. We know the majority of what i just said will happen anyway, so i'm really looking foward into this. Really think they are taking these into consideration, atleast for the dungeons and story since the DLC and recent hiring have pointed out in this direction.

Also, to people thinking it is a long way out, they started working on the game before the DLC releases and maybe some worked on it before Botw actually released since i'm sure the main reason it was pushed to 2017 and not 2016 was for Switch launch. So if it launches at the end of the year, it will be 3.5 years of dev which is enough knowing they use the same engine, world (main characters and established story of this hyrule, assets). 

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