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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Did Breath of the Wild live up to the hype for you?

For me, absolutely.

My expectations coming out of E3 2016 were intense excitement for a vibrant and dynamic world where an organic network of interactive elements would product an almost endless range of gameplay possibilities, and the game absolutely delivered on that.

It's my #3 game of all time.

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It would've if a few technicalities didn't make it unplayable for me.

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Very easily!

Funny you should bring up Ocarina of Time. That game didn't quite live up to my initial expectations given the "Zelda 64" advertisement that indicated a much larger and robust world than the one we got. BUT, Breath of the Wild is exactly the sort of game I expected Ocarina of Time to be.

In other words: Breath of the Wild, to me, is the fulfillment of what Ocarina of Time set out to do.

Not only the greater framework of the game is vastly improved, but it removed almost all of the annoying aspects of dungeons that have plagued 3D Zelda games from the beginning. Two issues that killed the fun-factor for me in all the 3D Zeldas were: poor pacing, puzzles that are really just about wandering around for 45 minutes+ to find a key or switch. Consequently, it's the first mainline Zelda game, since A Link to the Past, where I enjoyed the dungeons.

So, in a way, to me, Breath of the Wild is like the Super Mario Galaxy of the Zelda franchise, the game that finally got the 3D version right (although, IMO, Ocarina of Time did 3D Zelda better than Mario 64 did 3D Mario).

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Yes. Everything yes.

Yep. Never played a single Zelda game before, but was still one of my greatest gaming experience ever

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Yes, no question about it. Got me back into Zelda and went straight up into my top 10 games of all time.

Its my game of this generation.

I loved it, except for having to constantly do stuff with the weapons.

No, when they first shown tidbits of it, I was really excited about potential avenues they could take and improve on usual 3D Zelda formula.

Sadly in the end, for me at least, it felt like a descent prototype for something that potentially could be much, much better in some future iteration, but ultimately, in current state, fails on so many accounts.

I played it on day one and avoided the reviews. It lives up to the hype for me but if I'd waited, it probably wouldn't have.

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Absolutely. It's probably the game that got me hooked up the most. I played for about 120 hours in just two weeks. Whenever I was not playing, I was often thinking of what I would do next. Every step I took. Every mountain I climbed. Every shrine I beat. Every mistery I encountered. Every village I visited. Every monster I slayed. Everything felt so meaningful to me. Because all of it was my choice. I decided where to go. I decided what to do. I decided how I would I solve every problem I faced. Breath of the Wild is the proof that "the journey is more important than arriving to the destination". Because it was my journey. I did it my way. Entirely my way. And I had a blast. Not many games can claim that...