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Top 10 Graphics Of 2020 - The Five Highest Move on To Finals

Control 0 0%
Resident Evil 3 0 0%
Final Fantasy VII: Remake 1 5.00%
The Last Of Us: Part II 7 35.00%
Ghost of Tsushima 1 5.00%
Crysis Remastered 0 0%
Black Ops: Cold War (Next... 0 0%
Demon's Souls 2 10.00%
Spider Man: Miles Morales (Next Gen only) 0 0%
Cyberpunk 2077 (PC only -... 9 45.00%

It just blows my mind to see stuff like that turquoise thing on the table in CP and how every window/door and every person walking through that door is mirrored in that tiny little glas. Love it so much

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Pretty close result for two of the games so far! Will be interesting to see the final 5 and what, if anything, changes there!


John and Alex of Digital Foundry are also talking about the best graphics this year:

With the year now nearly over (it is 11:11 EST here), VGC has spoken. Cyberpunk 2077 (PC) will be crowned 2020's best looking game with runner up The Last Of Us Part II coming in 2nd! It's been fun everyone and the 2021 thread should be up by tomorrow evening! Again, congratulations to CRYBERPUNK 2077 (PC).