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Side-note, Phil seems exactly the same in his emails as he is in real life, that's a slight relief, imagine if he was some asshole behind the scenes.

Good thing he ignored Tim's stupid fireworks comment.

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Just got this in.  I was not expecting it to be this little. 

I guess I should have though considering how small everything is now.  Will now have room to install Fallout 4 (still in my backlog), and the Mass Effect trilogy later this month. It didn't take long to fill up the original storage space.

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Played roughly 4 hours of Dragon Quest Builders 2 today and it pretty much confirmed what I expected.

- boring combat
- below average graphics (looks very flat)
- uninteresting story (thus far)
- bad control layout
- "mining" and building is leagues below Minecraft. Placing blocks and items is extremely frustrating.

I will continue a little further but I might drop it soon.

Well, looks like Halo Infinite and Battlefield 6 will have shooter competition this Holiday afterall. Activision just announced that Sledgehammer are the ones making CoD 2021, firing a giant hole in the leaker's claims that Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare reboot 2 was CoD 2021, before getting delayed back to it's originally scheduled 2022 release window, with a remaster of the 2009 MW2 multiplayer releasing in 2021 instead. Still Sledgehammer will only get 2 and a half years to make CoD 2021, and most of that time was during the pandemic, forcing slower work from home. Even with the huge number of CoD support studios that Activision has, I'm doubtful they will be able to properly compensate for the shorter dev cycle and the effects of the pandemic. Halo Infinite with it's 6 years of development (and 343's largest ever Halo dev team) and Battlefield 6 with it's 3 years of development (and DICE's largest ever Battlefield dev team) should still have the advantage in terms of quality.

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I bet anyone in the game industry will try their best not to deal with Epic ever again after this court. So many stuff that definitely is NDAd from other companies is leaking just because Tim Sweeney is a greedy asshole. It also surprised me that iOS was about 7% of Fortnite revenue while Android is only 1%. Big brain move indeed. Epic literally killed Fortnite on mobile with this move.


Ryuu96 said:

So many morons on that thread comparing it to a AAA next gen Ratchet and Clank, this is why I hate fanboys.

MrMattyPlays is doubling down on his scoop that an MS 1st party dev is working on a “LucasFilm” IP something that he stated on the 25th of April, with the MS Star Wars rumors picking up more and more it’s looking to be credible.

Matty is also claiming to know which MS Studio is working on the game and considering his connections I’m getting more and more convinced that it’s a Bethesda studio and not a XGS studio, the only XGS studio that would be available is the Coalition and Bethesda has way more options.

If it is a Bethesda studio working on this Star Wars game, we have several possibilities:

  • Bethesda Game Studio- While the main studio is definitely focused on Starfield and Elder Scrolls Online, Bethesda Montreal was originally opened to be a standalone AAA studio, rather than a support studio. It's possible that Bethesda Montreal could be taking on Star Wars now as their first standalone project, they have around 100 devs and 14 open positions currently.
  • Zenimax Online- Zenimax has 2 new studios, one in Austin and one in San Diego. The San Diego one seems to be working on a new IP, but we don't know what the Austin Studio is working on. Could they be working on the next big Star Wars MMO?
  • id Software- id Software's 2nd team has been working on an unknown project since they released the Avalanche co-developed Rage 2 in May 2019, 2 years ago. But do they have the staff to develop a game on their own? id only has 273 devs, I don't think that is enough for both a Doom team and Star Wars team, unless they are co-developing with another studio again like they did with Rage 2
  • Tango Gameworks- Tango's 2nd team is releasing Ghostwire Tokyo later this year, but their 1st team hasn't released a game since Evil Within 2 in 2017. While that team has previously released horror games, which aren't really a great fit for the Star Wars universe, there is a possibility they could be making a Star Wars game in a different genre
  • Roundhouse- Very unlikely possibility here since they seem so small currently even a year and a half after they were created, but I suppose it's possible they could be working on a AA Star Wars game.

We can rule out Arkane at least, Arkane Lyon is finishing up Deathloop and Arkane Austin is said to be working on a new IP created by Dishonored creator Harvey Smith. And we can rule out MachineGames because they are too busy with Wolfenstein 3 and Indiana Jones. 

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EspadaGrim said:
Ryuu96 said:

So many morons on that thread comparing it to a AAA next gen Ratchet and Clank, this is why I hate fanboys.

Yeah, I was reading the same thing but that is exactly what is going to happen.  People will not know how Psyconauts 2 was started, how big the team is or any real context.  Instead they will see that Ratchet and Clank is a first party Sony platformer title and Psyconauts 2 is a MS first party platformer title and the comparisons will fly.  They will not care that R&C is a PS5 only while Psyconauts 2 is I believe going to be on all platforms.  They will not care that one team is huge compared to the other.  Context is something that never really helpful in the console war.