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That Santa hat and Rudolph cosmetics though

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Pentiment is 10GB in size but has a 3GB day one patch? That's pretty sizeable 

This is kinda what I figured. Pentiment will require multiple playthroughs for that 100% completion.

Pentiment achievement list "impossible" to complete in one playthrough (

Machiavellian said:

I am calling this now. If MS purchase of Acti/Blizz goes through, 343 will move away from slipspace engine and use COD. There is way to much upside to it. Only thing that could hold it back would be Forge. With enough engineers they may be able to get it up and running after a year release.

No, this ain't happening. First of all, there have been a lot of rumours of 343 investigating the possibility to switch to UE and it seems like it won't be happening. In this case, the switch to IW engine is out of question as well. Second, IW engine is a very old technology still generally speaking, being a heavily modified Quake 3 engine with lots of issues on its own and it's tailored for one specific type of game - military shooter like Call of Duty is. Not sure if it will suit Halo well, because Halo is different from Call of Duty. And the last and most important part - Microsoft invested a lot in Slipspace and I think that's the main reason why (if we believe it's true) the plans to abandon Slipspace and switch to UE were scrapped. It's just hard for Microsoft to come out and openly say and admit that they made a bad investment. 

And additional point, my personal, they already have a great engine for FPS games - id Tech 7. I remember there was a video where id engineers are demonstrating what it's capable of. Great video, btw. But once again, there is a problem. Doom is quite linear FPS game, while Halo has lots of open big territories. Not sure if id Tech 7 will handle this well.

Ryuu96 said:

I'm only part way through but damn ID Software, specifically Marty Stratton, are not looking good in this. Mick is bringing all the receipts; it has definitely had a lawyer look over it.


I feel almost like Xbox should get involved and do something for Mick, I swear if Bethesda sues him for this or something which isn't outside the realm of possibilities from the same company who sued Mojang for using "Scrolls"

Not a great look for id for sure. They really need to come out and publicly apologise to Mick. It was clear 2 years ago when he came out and said that he won't be working on Doom Eternal anymore that id are on the wrong side here. Now it's getting even worse.


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smroadkill15 said:

I'm on the last boss fight in Tunic and it's a pain. I wish the game would slow down time when switching items. Other than that, I've really enjoyed the game.

Yup, it's a really cool little game. I died so many times on that last boss....

Poor Mick...

Doom 2016 and Eternal are some of the best soundtracks ever. Especially Eternal.

ironmanDX said:

Poor Mick...

Doom 2016 and Eternal are some of the best soundtracks ever. Especially Eternal.

His Killer Instinct OST is legendary too.

This MF went to a Buddhist temple to learn throat singing for Jago's theme, that dedication.

Wow. I'm kinda jealous.

Having such passion for your job... Imagine...

If Mick isn't back for the Killer Instinct sequel, then I will riot, also, pay the man extra, like Doom, one of the most memorable things about KI is the soundtrack.

If even half of these allegations are true, then Marty should count himself lucky to even have a job. Hoping for more journalists to pick up on it.

I'm fairly sure he left Killer Instinct for Bethesda too (can't blame him, much bigger IP to work on, better for his career) but it ended so badly for him, Atlus and Celldweller were fine though but not Mick Gordon's level.

Sucks a little that Double Helix/Iron Galaxy aren't under Xbox, they'd probably champion him to return. Hope Microsoft doesn't avoid hiring him because of the situation between him and Marty.

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