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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - You're in charge of Xbox division. What would be your battle plan for Xbox Series X?

What would be your strategy for Xbox Series X in the upcoming console war if you were in charge?

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I'd start with a proper name. If MS is so afraid of having a lower number compared to playstation, just call it Xbox 5 anyway. It's not like anyone will care that it's technically 4. On the software side, I'd buy some developers like they're doing but unlike what we've seen in the past, I'd give them a lot of creative liberty + focus on game design. Also, making sure they cover a lot of different genres.

Last thing is to expand on what they did with the 360 and japan. MS financed a lot of niche (and a few biggish) exclusive japanese content for the 360. And while japan sales were bad, it was a huge increase over the original xbox. Had they continued the effort instead of dropping the ball big time with the x1, they might have achieved a solid niche and 3-5m sales in japan (potentially more for future platforms).

Edit: Bandorr post bellow reminded me. Have actual exclusives (not on pc) to increase the platform's value.

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Buy Capcom, Square Enix and Sega

Fire whoever decided to put EVERY game on the PC.
How the hell am I suppose to win a console war if my soldiers are doing double duty?
Then hire a PR agent to change it from "Console war" to "software sale".

Then I'd get a meeting over the name. Not just the name but the naming process going forward.
PlayStation has it fairly simple 1/2/3/4. (even PSP was obvious. No clue what Vita meant).
Nintendo is pretty good at it as well. Wii/Wii U were not good names(wii U being a horrible one) But Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Game cube, and Switch were spot on.

Then I'd advise them to either go HARD on JRPGS - or drop them. And they all have to not be on PS.

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1. Match the PS5 in power, let Sony announce the price first, undercut it by $50-100.
2. Marketing deals for AAA third party games are up for grabs again, so go all out and get as many as possible.
3. Keep buying up capable studios to have noteworthy games that aren't available on other consoles.
4. Don't pay attention to Japan because Sony doesn't either. The money is better spent on point 1-3.
5. Always mention that you have Game Pass.

Pretty simple, really. Become the console of choice for multiplatform games. It's something that doesn't require talent or brains, and it's an achievable goal that will have a huge impact on sales if pulled off successfully.

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Not call it Xbox One Series X for one.

Partner with SEGA and bring back a bunch of dead IPs as exclusives. Everything on Genesis up through Dreamcast. Rename Xbox Live to SEGANET. Call the console Dreamcast X (hey the trailer talked about making Dreams come true just like DC). BC with every Xbox console and even DC. Redesign the system to look like a console. Triangle green LED power light. An App on your phone that doubles as a VMU feature and remote play feature with S-cloud. (SEGA cloud) A mic/speaker built into the controller. Lastly, a new elite controller that is more modular. You can swap out the 4 button scheme for a 6 button arcade scheme plus a full analog stick swapped out for a 8 way small arcade stick. Perfect for Neo Geo games as they make some exclusive new games for DX. Are you ready?

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If my sole goal was for the console to win next gen in terms of market share and I had money to play with I'd buy Take-Two, stop releasing games on PC, renew the focus on proper exclusives with all existing and newly purchased studios, and price the hardware on par with PS5.

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And  fail just like Sega did?


Make exclusive games that people want to buy a console for. Nothing else matters.

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