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I'd start with a proper name. If MS is so afraid of having a lower number compared to playstation, just call it Xbox 5 anyway. It's not like anyone will care that it's technically 4. On the software side, I'd buy some developers like they're doing but unlike what we've seen in the past, I'd give them a lot of creative liberty + focus on game design. Also, making sure they cover a lot of different genres.

Last thing is to expand on what they did with the 360 and japan. MS financed a lot of niche (and a few biggish) exclusive japanese content for the 360. And while japan sales were bad, it was a huge increase over the original xbox. Had they continued the effort instead of dropping the ball big time with the x1, they might have achieved a solid niche and 3-5m sales in japan (potentially more for future platforms).

Edit: Bandorr post bellow reminded me. Have actual exclusives (not on pc) to increase the platform's value.

Last edited by Nu-13 - on 29 December 2019