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Not call it Xbox One Series X for one.

Partner with SEGA and bring back a bunch of dead IPs as exclusives. Everything on Genesis up through Dreamcast. Rename Xbox Live to SEGANET. Call the console Dreamcast X (hey the trailer talked about making Dreams come true just like DC). BC with every Xbox console and even DC. Redesign the system to look like a console. Triangle green LED power light. An App on your phone that doubles as a VMU feature and remote play feature with S-cloud. (SEGA cloud) A mic/speaker built into the controller. Lastly, a new elite controller that is more modular. You can swap out the 4 button scheme for a 6 button arcade scheme plus a full analog stick swapped out for a 8 way small arcade stick. Perfect for Neo Geo games as they make some exclusive new games for DX. Are you ready?

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!