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2010: Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver
2011: Xenoblade Chronicles
2012: Pokemon Black 2/White 2
2013: Animal Crossing: New Leaf
2014: Mario Kart 8
2015: nothing.
2016: Stardew Valley
2017: Zelda: Breath of the Wild
2018: Xenoblade Chronicles 2
2019: Pokemon Sword/Shield

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Hiku said:

The usual anime trope would be the popular new transfer student. But here you're playing as a convicted felon that nobody wants at their school, who doesn't fit in. It deals with very dark, and very real and relatable themes you usually wouldn't expect in a game, like criminal injustice, sexual abuse, and suicide. And that's just within the first few hours of the game.

Sounds like a lame story to me.

2010 - Mass Effect 2
2011 - Portal 2
2012 - FTL
2013 - Dota 2
2014 - Dark Souls II < weak year
2015 - Homeworld Remastered Collection
2016 - Dark Souls III
2017 - Horizon Zero Dawn
2018 - Shadow of the Colossus
2019 - Resident Evil 2

Well, since I run a website for video games –in spanish I might add– and we do a GotY list every year, I find it fit to submit the links for each year of this decade. The list for this year is missing as we are still debating about it. So, ignore the language and just focus on our GotY selections for each year if you find it interesting to follow the links to see the whole list, most of them are your GotY picks anyway.

2010 - RTx Game of the Year 2010 (Red Dead Redemption)
2011 - RTx Game of the Year 2011 (Portal 2)
2012 - RTx Game of the Year 2012 (Far Cry 3)
2013 - RTx Game of the Year 2013 (The Last of Us)
2014 - RTx Game of the Year 2014 (Dark Souls 2)
2015 - RTx Game of the Year 2015 (Bloodborne)
2016 - RTx Game of the Year 2016 (Dark Souls III)
2017 - RTx Game of the Year 2017 (Persona 5)
2018 - RTx Game of the Year 2018 (Red Dead Redemption II)
2019 - In discussion



Rural Tex:

2010 - Red Dead Redemption (also GOTG)
2011 - Uncharted 3
2012 - Farcry 3
2013 - TLoU
2014 - Farcry 4
2015 - The Witcher 3 (also GOTG and favourite game of all time)
2016 - Doom
2017 - Horizon matched with For Honor
2018 - God of War (at times I might say RDR2)
2019..... Call of Duty MW... it's the only 2019 game I played so far.

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mZuzek said:
Flilix said:

I looked Persona 5 up, the story and concept seem very lame and the combat doesn't seem very enjoyable.

I'm having a hard time processing this line as anything other than a joke.

Edit: also, Persona 5 is nowhere near as weeb as Fire Emblem Fates, not even close.

^ this.

Fire Emblem is about as Weeb, as things get.
And if your fine with that, you should be fine with more or less anything else, japanese.

2010: Castlevania: Lords of Shadows
2011: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
2012: Xenoblade Chronicles to name one that I liked, but this is the weakest year for me
2013: The last of us
2014: Mario Kart 8
2015: Both Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Bloodborne
2016: Uncharted 4
2017: Nier: Automata -> Best year tho
2018: Monster Hunter World -> 2nd Best year tho
2019: Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Sorry, but I liked this expansion better than any game. 

2010 - Mass Effect 2
2011 - Uncharted 3
2012 - Mass Effect 3
2013 - The Last of Us
2014 - Wolfenstein The New Order
2015 - Fallout 4
2016 - Uncharted 4
2017 - Horizon Zero Dawn
2018 - God of War
2019 - Resident Evil 2 Remake (so far...)
2020 is gonna be very tough to pick!

2010 - Red Dead Redemption
2011 - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
2012 - Journey
2013 - The Last of Us
2014 - Destiny
2015 - Bloodborne
2016 - The Last Guardian
2017 - Horizon: Zero Dawn
2018 - God of War
2019- Resident Evil 2: Remake

From what i played to conclusion (only owned PC, PS3 and PS4 and I only played a few Wii/Switch games for shorts periods of time)

2010 - Red Dead Redemption (if Final Fantasy XIII counted as a 2010 game for launching in the west that year instead of 2009 like in Japan, it would've been my GOTY)
2011 - Uncharted 3 (was a disappointment at first compared to Uncharted 2, but it was still my favorite game that year)
2012 - Mass Effect 3 (I don't care what people say about the ending or the game overall, even if they're right, i just loved that game to bits)
2013 - The Last of Us (My GOAT game)
2014 - Destiny (worst year of the decade by far....but i had to choose something)
2015 - The Witcher III (Strongest year of the decade, Metal Gear Solid V, Bloodborne and Batman Arkham Knight were top contenders too)
2016 - Uncharted 4 (Another weak year for my tastes because Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian didn't reach the levels i expected from them after so many years of hype)
2017 - Horizon Zero Dawn (My biggest surprise of the gen and one of my favorite games ever, although props to Nier Automata too, a top 5 game of the gen for me)
2018 - God of War (PS4 best game, enough said)
2019 - Death Stranding (the most original and unique triple AAA game i ever played, just unforgettable).

I wish i could've played more of Super Mario Galaxy 2 and BOTW, but it wasn't enough to consider them for GOTY.

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