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Forums - Music Discussion - Your Favourite Albums/Songs Released in 2019

I'd totally forgotten about this annual tradition until @VersusEvil  reminded me earlier today, while at the same time telling me he didn't want to do it (lazy git). So I'll make the thread this year.

Share your favourite albums and/or music tracks of 2019 below.


Only two stand-out albums for me this year. While quite a few artists I listen to released new albums, most of them were very lacklustre (in this camp are blink-182's Nine, KoRn's The Nothing, Bat for Lashes' Lost Girls, Keep Shelly in Athens' 9 Years, and Marina's Love). That only left me with three great albums for 2019. These were:

3rd - K. Flay, Solutions.

Given that K. Flay delves into genres I loathe (rap, hip-hop), it's somewhat surprising I like any of her music. But I do like quite a bit of her recent work, including about half of her 2019 album Solutions. The best track on the album for me is Bad Vibes, which combines her obvious love of hip-hop and rap with rock music and lyrics that are actually comprehensible.

2nd - Slipknot, We Are Not Your Kind.

Talking of comprehensible vocals - Slipknot. This one was a surprise for me. I like a few metal bands, but I've never been able to get into Slipknot, despite the band being one of the biggest influences on friends of mine when I was a teenager. Mostly because it's hard to make out the lyrics amongst the screaming and what I find to be very generic-sounding (although no doubt very difficult to play) metal guitar riffs. The only song I really liked from Slipknot before this album was Spit It Out and that's about where my appreciation for the band began and ended. Until this year, because when We Are Not Your Kind was making headlines for topping various charts and I decided to give it and the band another shot.

To start with I only liked the track Critical Darling (clever play on words btw), but I kept listening to the album and other tracks began to stand out - Neo Forte, Red Flag, Unsainted, and Solway Firth. I'm still not a convert to Slipknot (have re-explored their other albums since but can't get into them, aside from an odd track here and there), but this album is one I can finally appreciate.

1st - Rammstein, Rammstein.

Easily the best album of 2019 for me, and it comes after a series of what I consider to be very weak Rammstein releases (Liebe Ist für Alle Da, Raritäten, Klavier). This year's self-titled release shows they can still make amazing tracks. The best from this album? Easily Zeig Dich, just from the sound alone, but when I eventually translated the lyrics it made me love it even more. It might be my favourite Rammstein track of all time.

Puppe, Deutschland (the production values on the video - see below - are insane), and Was Ich Liebe are also great tracks. The rest of the pack isn't great imo but at least there aren't any bad songs (I'm pretty picky; even my favourite albums of all time have bad tracks).

Looking forward to seeing them next year as part of their arena tour. Will be pretty awesome and amusing to sing 'Deutschland, Deutschland über allen' along with ~70,000 fellow Brits.

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Ooof, getting called out in the OP. It's ok, I'll be your first reply.

This year marked the full transition to Spotify streaming for me. It's been incredibly relieving not having to constantly try and back up all my music and anxiously worry about losing it. In terms of my favourite music this year;

6th - Black Peaks, Kings (Single)

5th - Vukovi - Run & Hide (Single)

4th - Hail The Sun, Devastate And Recalibrate ( Single)

3rd - Phoxjaw, A Playground For Sad Adults

2nd - The Devil Wears Prada, The Act

1st - LA Dispute, Panorama

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Ride The Chariot

Best albums:

10. Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated

9. The Strumbellas - Rattlesnake

8. Volbeat - Rewind, Replay, Rebound

7. Avicii - TIM

6. White Lies - FIVE

5. Gareth Emery & Ashley Wallbridge - Kingdom United

4. Jade Bird - Jade bird

3. Sabaton - The Great War

2. Vampire Weekend - Father Of The Bride

1. Fontaines D.C. - Dogrel

Honorable mentions:

3. Jax Jones - Snacks (Supersize)

2. Armin Van Buuren - Balance

1. Lost Frequencies - Alive And Feeling Fine

These are probably my three favourite collections of music from this year, but they don't really feel like coherent albums because their first singles were released years ago already.


I'm not that much of an album listener though, I prefer singles. I'll post my list of favourite songs in a week or two, since the year isn't over yet and I still have a bunch of songs to listen to.

VersusEvil said:

Ooof, getting called out in the OP. It's ok, I'll be your first reply.

This year marked the full transition to Spotify streaming for me. It's been incredibly relieving not having to constantly try and back up all my music and anxiously worry about losing it. In terms of my favourite music this year;

I don't know any of those artists xD

I too made the full transition to Spotify this year. I really badly miss not being able to rate inidividual tracks (out of 5 or 10, for example), and I get stuck in a bit of a rut sometimes of listening to the same 20 or so songs at the top of my liked list until Friday comes along with new releases. But like you say it's nice not to have to worry about organising and saving 100s of GBs worth of music and album covers. 

I'm not hip, so I don't really pay attention to recent pop music. But there are a few songs that I thought were good.

This one is funny as hell, Poppy's been a riot since her debut:

I really liked this one:

Not one of my favourite Lana Del Rey albums, but this song is one of the few that caught my ear

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Here are my favorite albums from 2019. It is a fairly small list as mainly just a fan of rock and metal:

  1. Rammstein - Rammstein
  2. The Hu - The Gereg
  3. Ghost - Seven Icnhes of Satanic Panic

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Miranda Lambert - Wildcard
Avatarium - The Fire I Long For
Aaron Lewis - State I'm In
Jimmy Eat World - Surviving
Swallow the Sun - When a Shadow Is Forced Into the Light


Easily my favourite of the year. Need an album ASAP.

Biggest disappointments:

Avantasia - Moonglow
Battle Beast - No More Hollywood Endings

To be honest, I don't think I've listened to much music that released in 2019. I'm a rocker mainly, and several years back my local rock station that played new rock music got bought out by some radio conglomerate that converted the station over to latino music, leaving the only rock station I can pick up a classic rock station. As such, I've heard very little rock music that has released in the last 5 or 6 years, I mostly listen to older rock music from the 60's to about 2014, on spotify and the like.

This is one of the few 2019 Rock Songs that I have listened to, and I only know about it it because it popped up on my youtube recommended, and I instantly recognized Scott Stapp as the former lead singer of Creed:

Damn good song though.

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Opeth - In Cauda Venenum
Sunn O))) - Life Metal

To be fair, except for these two, I listened to like three or four albums that released this year.






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Meanwhile, what a rebel girl meant 27 years earlier to Gen X.

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