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Which game will win Game of The Year 2019

Control 6 11.76%
Death Stranding 13 25.49%
Resident Evil 2 Remake 9 17.65%
Sekiro :Shadow Die Twice 6 11.76%
Super Smash Bros Ultimate 14 27.45%
The Outer World 3 5.88%
KingofTrolls said:
mZuzek said:

And what exactly in this well thought argument makes me wrong in saying Sekiro is just another From Software game?

Because Sekiro is like a re-inventing of the Soulslikes. It brought quite a big changes for the formula. Anyone who has played DS/BB and Sekiro will detect the differences immedatiely.

So,no. Im far from being a Soulslike diehards but the reality is that - like many others have pointed before - Sekiro was simply a safe pick this year.


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If nobody's going to say anything about this I will.

Congrats to Sekiro for winning the GOTY 2019 !