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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The Game Award 2019 thread, XBOX SERIES X announced, possibly PS5 game tease according to Zhuge EX, Brand New Trailer FF7 Remake , No More Heroes Three Ghost Of Tsushima gameplay


Which game will win Game of The Year 2019

Control 6 11.76%
Death Stranding 13 25.49%
Resident Evil 2 Remake 9 17.65%
Sekiro :Shadow Die Twice 6 11.76%
Super Smash Bros Ultimate 14 27.45%
The Outer World 3 5.88%

Ah well. Disappointed that the new Smash character wasn't announced, but I only have myself to blame for that. Didn't really watch most of the awards, and just waited for the trailers to drop to check them out. Didn't really care about the awards, so just skipped the awards part. If you chose to watch the whole award show and were bored that there wasn't much besides... awards being announced, I kind of feel like you just have yourself to blame.

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Pretty clear that there is a bias against Nintendo, all their awards were done low key and quickly (and for some popular games/categories at that!).

Xbox reveal was cool, not sure about the design and the name is kind of meh/weak.

Game of the Year should have been Smash, how many rehash copycat one player games do we need? Nintendo should have had at minimum Fire Emblem in the running for game of the year as well (and possibly Luigi’s Mansion).

FF7 remake looks pretty but boring and even less impressed with that Ghost game. Seriously, another stupid 1 player action adventure game... is that all Microsoft/Sony can come with anymore is shooters and copycat action adventure games? That new Gears game looked more fun than any other announcement from Sony/Microsoft.

Oh, also, excited for the Phoenix expansion as long as it is done right.

Nintendo with the Switch:

The threads after the show have been infinitely more entertaining than the actual show itself. Why did Nintendo tweet to watch when they didn't really announce anything? I really thought RE2 was going to win GotY, so that was a surprise.

Even more bizarre with how Nintendo was treated with them winning some major categories with top selling games and yet not one was brought to the main stage for presentation.

Nintendo with the Switch:

scottslater said:
Even more bizarre with how Nintendo was treated with them winning some major categories with top selling games and yet not one was brought to the main stage for presentation.

It seems they didn't send anyone, haha. Reggie doesn't work for them anymore. I bet that's why their winning categories were shoved to the side.

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Sekiro getting the surprise award of the year !
Anyway, to make a swift conclusion to this saga.
The show definitely had good tid bits here and there between nice game trailers and announcements : NMH 3 story trailer, Hellblade 2, The Wolf Among Us S2, Ghost of Tsushima trailer and the reveal of Bravely Default II (but is the 3rd game lol). Some sweet Muppet sketch, Reggie's speech, some good awards.
The big problem is that the good stuff would never fill this 3.5 hours show which was comprised of boring award ceremonies, weird trailers, ads, confusing hardware reveal, ads, magic, ads and the fact that people set their expectations high as if we were at E3 per example expecting a Smash character reveal.

Don't know why but I expected the last one to happen,lol.
Anywoo, next Direct will have your character reveal if that's what you were here for :)

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Doug Bowser was there, he got the award during the “pre-show” for Smash winning Fighting Game of the Year!

Nintendo with the Switch:

scottslater said:
Game of the Year should have been Smash, 

Nope, the winner could not be more spot on. Sekiro is the mix of From's own ideas aaaand… some normal gameplay.

Well, what a pleasant surprise that Disco Elysium got few awards, it's really very unique experience, narrative RPG born out of many years that devs spent playing pen&paper RPG set in that world.

Smash was robbed from GotY.

Bravely 2 was nice, NMH3 too. The rest.. uninteresting show.