Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What games do you think are possible on the wii fit besides ski/snowboard?

Kororinpa, Super Monkey Ball, Mercury revolution, Mario & Sonic, Rayman R R, arcade shooter, Zack and Wiki and
definitely a Warioware version!

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Gamerace said:
Racing games where the balance board is your gas/brake.

Hockey where the board controls skating and wiimore is the hockey stick

Baseball - reads your batter stance

Silver Surfer the Movie game

Fencing/sword fighting (Wiimote is the sword)

RRR3 may use it optionally in some games

But the real fun is creating all new types of games with it. But nothing comes to mind but I'm sure we'll see some creative Wiiware games using it.

That silver surfer idea sounds cool. The topic creator did say no surfing but he didnt say anything about cosmic surfing.

Waverace. wiimote to steer, balance board to balance...

With all these games, the balance board will become like a new console O_o

A FPS could be used with the zapper and the dunking/walking/jumping.

FPS, straight up. Also, I strongly believe the reason EA axed the VR support in Boom Blox because they don't want to dull the impact of a secret shooter they're working on. Imagine that, coupled with the ability to walk yourself????

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chamelean75 said:
Well, I honestly don't see how using the balance board for an rpg would work. I mean using the balance board to move the character around and using the wii mote and nunchuck to attack seems like a lotta work. I mean, you'd have to stand for hours to play the game. It'd be very tiring.
 As for RPGs, many of the best have a few mini-games.  FFCC xxx for Wii will likely have some mini-games.  Square could make the balance board compatiable with a couple of the mini-games and make a mini-game that is balance board only.



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In line with Nintendo's Brain Training series, I think you could develop a Co-ordination Training game ...

Bring GTAIV over to the Wii and then if a cop pulls you over for DWI you have to walk in a straight line on the balance board.


Gamerace said:
Bring GTAIV over to the Wii and then if a cop pulls you over for DWI you have to walk in a straight line on the balance board.

Well played.

As others have said, shooting games could really benefit from the balance board, and having the next Punch Out! game use it would be all kinds of awesome. Depending on just how precise the board is, I can see fighting games becoming rejuvinated thanks to this thing; punch with the remote and nunchuck, kick to actually kick, etc. Certain motions with certain characters translate into special attacks, all tha jazz. Sure, most folks would be exhausted after a few rounds, but think of the potential (for injury) that could result!

I could see a Japanese dev making a Sumo Wrestling game. That would be kinda fun!