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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Game Of The Year Blog 2019 - Death Stranding Still Leads - But RE2 Storming Back!


What Is Your 2019 Game Of The Year?

Death Stranding 25 34.25%
RE2: Remake 12 16.44%
Sekiro 6 8.22%
Fire Emblem 16 21.92%
Devil May Cry 5 4 5.48%
Super Mario Maker 2 3 4.11%
Pokemon Sword & Shield 1 1.37%
Days Gone 2 2.74%
Gears Of War 5 2 2.74%
Control 2 2.74%

Updated standings

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I have only played one game that has won anything (Control) and I just started it yesterday. I guess I spent my year playing the wrong games (Yoshi, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening). Out of the frontrunners, Death Stranding is the only one I'm actually interested in getting soon.

While I do feel like it's a weaker year as far as major titles go, I appreciate that the GOTY list is being led mostly by new IPs.

REmake 2 for me this yr

Updated standings

If Death Stranding wins most GOTY in 2019 (like it seems is going to happen), it will be the 4th Sony game (owned IP) to win that during this decade. The Last of Us in 2013, Uncharted 4 in 2016, God of War in 2018 and Death Stranding in 2019. Sony will be the only publisher having GOTY winners back to back ever too. And let's not forget that Heavy Rain was 4th and GOW III 5th in 2010, Uncharted 3 was 4th in 2011, Journey was 2nd in 2012, Bloodborne was 3rd in 2015, Horizon Zero Dawn was 2nd in 2017 and Spider-Man was 3rd in 2018 too.

No other company has won more total individual GOTY's by the press combined during 2010-2019 than Sony, and it leads by a wide margin. Mix this with the best 3rd party games in the industry and that's why Sony home consoles have sold the most during this decade (and why PS5 is going to obliterate again sales when it launches in 2020 fotr the next one).

And there's still people thinking Microsoft is going to "win" the next generation because of "powah", game services and teraflops....People never learn. Nintendo has none of that and sells like crazy, like Playstation, because the only thing that matters is games, games, games, and games, period. Games > Price > Performance always.

And the next decade can probably start with another Sony game winning 2020 GOTY with The Last of Us Part II (IMHO, the best candidate to do so), and Ghost of Tsushima is going to be a TOP 5 candidate too most probably, so the future is still bright too.

I can't wait to see what Sony Worldwide Studios are going to do with PS5....bufff.

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Updated standings: Death Stranding first to 50 - but still neck and neck with Sekiro with Critic Picks. Reader’s Picks comparison not even close - Feels a lot like the Uncharted 4 vs. Overwatch battle all over again. RE2 Remake in solid 3rd place.

Devil May Cry 5 deserved more love. It has that game-y, arcade-y feeling you just don't see that often anymore. I had far more fun with it, using chainsaw motorcycles, demon tigers etc. than with Sekiro, where all you have to do is learn to parry with the same weapon the entire game.







Go Sekiro!

BraLoD said:
Go Sekiro!


Disco Elysium, RE 2R and Sekiro it's okay. One 82 metacritic game  won GOTY only show how got is a biased choice. Only shows consoles war. It is not a game that sold a lot. It is not a critically rated game. So there is no point in receiving so many awards other than an attempt at correction, to rewrite history. In short, Goty Aggregator is not worth much, just validation for a minority.

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