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Forums - General Discussion - Help! I Think I'm a Hipster!

CrazyGamer2017 said:

This need humans have to label everything and everyone is cultural insanity.

Nowadays everybody is black or white or a millennial or a baby boomer or an American or a foreigner, a muslim, a Jew, a hard-core gamer, a casual, a Republican, a Democrat or a thousand other labels in use.

I've heard that word "hipster" but I can't figure out what it REALLY means. The elements you quote qualifying to call someone that name seem arbitrary to me. I happen to be some of those but not others, so what am I, a half hipster?

How about we are all humans with wishes, beliefs and desires that vary from person to person? I love (or hate) people because of what they do but not because of some arbitrary category they happen to be part of. It makes no sense, at least not to me.

This guy (or gal?) gets it.


"We hold these truths t-be self-ful evident. All men and women created by the.. Go-you know the.. you know the thing!" - Joe Biden