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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do you own a VR Headset?


Do you own a VR Headset?

Yes, Playstation VR. 16 41.03%
Yes, an Oculus device . 2 5.13%
Yes, Ninendo Labo. 0 0%
Yes, Other device (Samsung, HTC etc). 1 2.56%
No but I intend to buy one. 3 7.69%
Not interested in VR. 17 43.59%

There's been a lot of buzz lately about VR. Microsoft has decided not to focus on the technology for Xbox One and Xbox Scarlett while Valve, Oculus, and Sony are doubling down on it. Nintendo has even began to experiment with their cardboard VR.

Do you own a VR headset or plan to purchase one in the near future?

I personally dont have one but I could see myself getting one if Valve or other developers produce more AAA games like Half Life Alyx.

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Oculus Go and PSVR. And I'm definitely interested in what you next Xbox or Playstation could do with it. I'm disappointed that M$ appears to be ignoring it going forward.

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I actually have 2 PSVR units so I don't have to share it with my kids.

I plan to buy PSVR2 the day it comes out. I'm not sure about PC headsets since I don't want to get into PC upgrades again. My gaming laptop says it's VR ready but I don't believe it. GTX 1060 that throttles frame rate due to heat. Do no want that in VR.

no can't use it

I don't. It's really expensive where I live, and I don't have a PlayStation 4 or a powerfull PC.

But I'm really excited to see how VR can evolve over time.

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Psvr and Htc Vive. Also got a daydream for my pixel xl.. highly underrated... Especially nice for mobile SLR 😉😉

Man.. I hate it when your girl has to leave my place to come back to you..

Not interested in VR but i am forced to buy one to play Half Life Alyx.

Nope, and I never will. No interest in it whatsoever.

Nope. I'd most likely get motion sickness from it.

I have a Rev 2 PlayStation VR and a Samsung Odyssey+ Windows Mixed Reality Headset.

I'm planning on upgrading to the Valve Index for Half Life Alyx, and I will be getting PSVR2 whenever it arives.

My favorite experiences this gen have all been on VR. It is as massive of leap forward as going from 2D to 3D, or top down GTA to GTA3. Everytime I play a new genere in VR, it makes it that much harder to return to playing similar games on a Flat Screen and Gamepad.

The biggest thing I am looking forward to with next gen is seeing the advancements that will be made in the VR space, and seeing more AAA VR titles. Wether it be taking the shackles off of 1st person games, by offering controls only possible with a 3D Head Mounted Display and Motion Controls. Delivering full visual feedback for speed, elevation, and distance in a racing game. Fully realizing the scale of a 3rd person Action/Adventure or Platforming Game. Or, unlocking the incredible social interactions that are only possible in VR. Everything that excites me about the future of gaming lies in what is happening in the VR/AR space.

I still look forward to things like Halo Infinite, God of War 2, and Super Mario Odyssey 2. That will always be great content. However, it is just the same thing we have been playing since the PS1/N64. I look at these types of games just like I look at Movies or TV. They are known experiences, that will take me on a predictable journey, in an established enviornment. That is nice comfort food. The reason that I was hooked by gaming though, is due to the new experiences, and new innovations that the industry brings. That is what VR/AR delivers, and that is what makes me feel young and excited about the furture of the industry.

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