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I am...

Loving Fallen Order 3 21.43%
Enjoyig Fallen Order 2 14.29%
Middle of the road 1 7.14%
Disliking Fallen Order 0 0.00%
Hating Fallen Order 0 0.00%
Other/Havn't played 2 14.29%
Fuck EA 6 42.86%
S.Peelman said:
John2290 said:

I'm trying really hard not to hate this game. It's getting more leeway than most but too often it's like the level designers didn't play the game or the QA team was miniscule.


It's almost as if the game took control off of me but the reason for this nonsesne is animations getting in the way and pulling the camera and controls like a magnet away from me. It is so frustrating and not the first time it has happened to me. 

Nah that's just an extremely difficult part of the game. But so it does suck?

The mouth is licking its lips and hovering an inch from sucking but no, it still refrains from touching the tip and sucking by some miracle even with the mounting list of problems. 


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shikamaru317 said:
John2290 said:

I've fallen through the world no less than ten times, there is an ironic joke there sonewhere. 

It only happened to me once. I was trying to wall run on top of a frozen piston on the auger section of the Zeffo world, and somehow I glitched beside the piston, which then shoved me through a wall when it fired and sent me through the bottom of the map. 

As for the camera issues on the rope swinging in your video, I've seen you and several others struggle with that, including Davis in the Star Wars New Canon bookclub let's play of the game that I'm watching, but I can't personally say that I ever had any noteworthy issues with the rope swinging or other aspects of the platforming in my playthrough. I missed jumps or ropes a few times, but not enough to affect my enjoyment of the game. 

I have fallen through the world exactly one, on Kashyyk. Was a really bad time for it to happen too. I have just gone back to Zeffo and am now stuck

trying to defeat the second sister there

A few mates have told me when you go back to Kashyyk a second time the game gets insanely good. I am already thoroughly enjoying it, but I was away all weekend so have been on hiatus!

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John2290 said:
S.Peelman said:

Nah that's just an extremely difficult part of the game. But so it does suck?

The mouth is licking its lips and hovering an inch from sucking but no, it still refrains from touching the tip and sucking by some miracle even with the mounting list of problems. 

I’m just messing. I believe you.

shikamaru317 said:

Almost done with the game now, just the final mission and collectible mop-up remains for me. Unless the ending is terrible I will probably give it an 8.8/10. It's the 3rd best game I've played this year after KH3 and The Outer Worlds:


  • Great story and characters
  • Great graphics, art design, and music
  • Fun platforming
  • Best lightsaber customization of any Star Wars game to date (though I would have liked a few more blade color options, KOTOR 2 still remains at the top in terms of blade color options)
  • 2nd best saber combat of any Star Wars game after Jedi Academy


  • Not the biggest fan of the Souls influences that went into the design, though it is at least easier than other Souls-likes, thanks to multiple difficulty tiers
  • Lack of fast travel combined with not all collectible types showing up on the regional map completion checklist, make collectible hunting a real drag
  • Clothing customization is lackluster, it's all just recolors of the base outfit and poncho
  • A few minor bugs, mainly graphical (hair moving in odd ways, lighting engine issues), fell through the world once forcing me to restart the game and respawn at the last checkpoint  

Finished the game today. The ending has a really cool moment

Vader shows up and you only barely escape thanks to Cere tapping into the dark side, and my Cal and Merrin shipping got a bit of payoff with a hug

So I'm bumping my score up from 8.8 to 9/10.

Here's hoping we get DLC and/or a sequel before EA's Star Wars license expires in 2023. 

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Playing this game is such a shame, the places it's good just never seem to be allowed to fully flow and shine because of the areas in which it is bad and those bad areas can get really terrible. Even now with supposedly the full arsenal of force the games constantly feel likes it's being held back by bad design, rushed areas, bugs, kid friendly dialouge etc It's such a fucking shame because you can see under the smudges of jank and loose feel that there was clear vision for a tight, really stellar game but it just didn't come together.

On the plus side, the bugs iron out as one goes further, they seem to be mostly at the first two worlds, Dathomir seems to be flawless altough it is the worst so far visually. Just an absolute mess of design and lack of distinction. I wanna finish this game but to be a bit hyperbolic, I'm saddened when I do because you can almost here the whip lashing as deadlines approach the team through the jank. This game vould have reached incredible hieghts givem more resources and time. A damn shame


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All the nonsesne talk about Death stranding getting good once you beat it but this game actually fits that bill. It is actually consistently more fun post story than it if during the story. Makes me wonder if they had front loaded the skills more towards the start of the game and reduces the skill tree unlocks so you're maxed out by mid game instead of having loads left, how this game could have been spectacular They'd also have to cut a lot of the platforming, make the puzzles more enganing, fix the bugs, performance and glitches as well as work on colour coding the map while making levela more distint visually, added a mature audience option for dialouge chatter and jokes, added severing human limbs, more than just 4 mysteruous creatures along with a whole lost of other things but had they gotten those main force powers and doible jump up front and used other more traditional means like the Dathomir climbing tools for the metroid aspects this game could have easily been a 10.
They ways things settled the game feela like a 6 but gets a solid 7 for me since the bugs evened out mid game, at least they weren't as frequent. It needs a new game plus, right now the actually consistent fun and addicting aspect of this game stops after the first two hour and then doesn't return for like 10 hours later on Jedi master which I assume is normal mode and by that time they've also upped boss difficulty so drastically it almost shoots itself in the foot again it weren't for the ability to lower the difficulty. And by that time the game is almost over anyway.
There are some truly baffling decisions they made with this game, the only comfort is knowing that Jedi Fallen order 2 will most likely be a 10 if it's the same team.
This is a game Inwish I hadn't played becuase everytime I reflect onim it after playing it I realize how balls to the walls incredible it could have been. This could have been a game to compete and have stood along side God of War, The uncharted series or other Sony, seminlinear focused action games and bested the best of souls borne with a save file lock on the highest difficulty. It's so aggregating seeing the potential and the game only slightly peaking towards that potential every now and then like a heart rate monitor.


China Numba wan!!

It´s good but it really, really needed more time in the oven, it´s a technical mess... bad loading times, buggy AI, textures taking a few seconds to load ,in my case enemies just popped out of nowhere right in front of me because the game didn´t load them correctly, the kinds of bugs you might expect to see in those huge open world games but not here....and on top of that a clunky/sloppy combat...still, for their first shot at this type of game Respawn showed they have potential...