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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS4 is way past the time for another price cut

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In less than a month the PS4 will be 6 years old and it's still priced at $300.

6 years and it only dropped 25% of its original asking price, and with a Slim revision release between that.

Profit if good for sure but the PS4 is around a year away from being replaced by the PS5 as the focus of Sony gaming division.

The hardware sales are starting to drop considerably as Sony's best exclusives are now well into the mid to late 2020 range for release.

The price needs to be get another cut. $250 or even $200 should be the PS4 official asking price.

Now that we are about to hit the holiday sales they'd better wait to take full benefit from the big deals slashing price power and just announce the price will not come back up to $300 anymore right after it.

Just let it go with a bang Sony, stop milking it.

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BraLoD said:

Just let it go with a bang Sony, stop milking it.

While the price cutting for the PS4 have not been ideal for Sony, they are clearly happy with it where it is. If anything, it basically offsets the PS5 price when it comes in at $499 because the PS4 wont be so vastly cheap in comparison.

Completely agree. I bought my PS1 when it had just turned 4, and by then, the console had dropped roughly 60% of its original price. I know it's a completely different time, and PS4 hardware is much more complex, but still, I think we should have seen more price cuts by now.

I'm with you on this.... lower price to alteast 250$.
During holidays I wanna see it below 199$ too.

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Higher price makes the PS5 looks better in comparison, I would find it funny if the next price cut Is early 2021

If PS5 comes in at $499 than they may be worried a $199 PS4 will eat into it sales too much?

Sort of like when PS3 launched at a high price and initial sales were slow while PS2 was outselling it at a low price.

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Well its still selling very well so not sure if Sony needs to price cut it. But wait til Black Friday, im sure they'll have a price cut then and moving forward they'll probably keep it at that price.

Yep totally agree.

Let's see Black Friday to Xmas 149USD deals and permanent price drop to 199 by January.

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Yupp. PS 4 should be 200 by now and Pro at 300 IMO. They could still make some profit from hardware and explode that sexy installbase.

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