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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What is the best Zelda-style game that isn't a Zelda game?

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Best Zelda-style game that isn't a Zelda game? If it's a series, specify which game does it the best in that series if you wish.

Mana series (including Fi... 3 6.00%
Alundra 5 10.00%
Brave Fencer Musashi 0 0%
Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon 3 6.00%
Okami 29 58.00%
Darksiders series 4 8.00%
Hyper Light Drifter 1 2.00%
The Binding of Isaac 1 2.00%
Oceanhorn 0 0%
Other (see forum post) 4 8.00%

Alundra. It shouldn't even be a debate, the only reason it isn't winning the poll is because most people in this thread haven't played it.

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We need an Okami sequel or prequel .. not Okamiden ^_^

Okami and Okamiden are the few Zelda style ones that I enjoy as much as an actual Zelda game.

Aidman said:
We need an Okami sequel or prequel .. not Okamiden ^_^

It is owned by Capcom and they seem to be in an uprise recent years compared to other big publisher/devs,lately they seem to do what fans want and that is a rarity these days plus it does make me hopefull they eventually might consider putting some resources in a new Okami game.

Also still waiting for Dragons Dogma 2!( Or was that the Deep Down game caught in development hell?)

mZuzek said:
S.Peelman said:

I don’t know. I barely try any because I’m afraid I’d just rather be playing a Zelda game. I have Okami because mZuzek keeps telling me how it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I still haven’t really gotten into it, maybe only two or three hours; there’s sooo much talking at the beginning.

I don't often tell you that stuff directly, and I definitely wouldn't say it's the greatest thing since sliced bread... I'm sorry to say it, there are a lot of things greater than sliced bread, and Okami being one of them is nothing to write home about.

Just saying, though, there'll be a lot of talking throughout the game. Okami is a game you enjoy 25% for the gameplay, 25% for the awesome soundtrack, and 50% for the story. The first couple hours are particularly worse than the rest, though.

That was always my problem.  Okami is too story driven for my tastes.  I prefer the lack of story in Zelda.  I also think Zelda has drastically stronger dungeons/puzzles.  

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For me it's Okami. Alundra and Goemon are also good, and Trials of Mana was a pretty good Square approximation to Zelda at the time, though it's still got a lot of traditional RPG mechanics mixed in. Great games, but nothing compares quite to an actual Zelda game in my book.

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