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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Google's Stadia Streaming Service Launches Next Month - Will You Be Using It?


Google's Stadia Streaming Service Launches Next Month - Will You Be Using It?

Yes, at launch 14 1.27%
Probably, but not at launch 50 4.53%
Undecided 50 4.53%
Probably not 136 12.33%
No, not interested at all 846 76.70%
Other 7 0.63%
CuCabeludo said:
DonFerrari said:

Ok, let's see this game in 5 years.

Good to see Google is building first-party studios for their platform. And assure the consumers it is commited to years of investment on Stadia.

Sure. Only thing that could make me want to try their service is if they have enough games I can't play anywhere else.

But it is very odd to basically start doing your studios after launching the service. Like they weren't planning this for like couple years?

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DonFerrari said:
Chrkeller said:

Again, you are pushing your beliefs onto others. I can't emphasis enough how stupid this is.

I regularly play souls (3 games), Bloodborne (1 game), MHW (1 game)... that is 5 already. Add in other games I am playing, factor in having two kids who want their games installed... having only 10 games installed at a time isn't an option. Oh and I keep stuff like Borderlands (3 games) installed for coop with the wife. So a HDD upgrade is a necessity.  Again (and for the last time) stop acting like your situation, thoughts and preferences apply to anybody else but you.

It isn't a matter my preference applying to you, it is the odd need to replay 5 games randomly all at once (plus the other games). and as said to you, the need for HDD isn't something new nor the costs have skyrocketed. So if they weren't problem before they didn't suddenly became problems.

And in terms of using online gaming to stay in touch with my brother.  We both love gaming, we grew up playing games together, so it is a superb way to stay in touch.  Fact of the matter is Sony charges for online, PC doesn't, that lowers the cost differential.  Deal with it.  

Sure PC does make it cheaper, haven't disputed it, what I said is that you can stay in touch in many other ways. The matter of fact is that you like to play online, not that it is needed to stay in touch with your brother.

Console gamers flat out need to stop pretending it is cheaper than it really is.  You (and others) want to make Stadia and PC gaming as expensive as possible, and make console gaming as cheap as possible for stupid comparison purposes.  That is just stupid. 

I'm not pretending anything. I buy the games for as cheap as I can (10-20 usually for most games) and buy consoles as close to launch as I can, and I know exactly how much it cost. I know the whereabouts of how much a PC for gaming would cost (and that in Brazil it is so expensive that it isn't worth for me), but the reason I buy PS isn't the price but the type of game I like is made by Sony first parties. And on Stadia you are paying more (unless of course you try to put as many barriers as possible for the PS, and deny the ones for Stadia) for less, on claiming the high value of portability of it (that in your case would resume to basically having a HDMI and a cable available on the TVs you want to play, that is a very simple and cheap solution). So basically as you said, you don't want solutions, you just want to make a case.

And I already asked you to refrain from personal attacks and now will also ask you to mind your adjectivation.

Calling an argument stupid (which it is) isn't a personal attack.  Get over yourself.  Your bias is mind numbing.  And yes, you are pushing your opinions onto others.  Have fun with that.  I'm out.  

Trumpstyle said:
I will not try Google stadia on launch but will probably buy doom (2016) when free version launches and test it out.

From my experience with Geforce now and Playstation now I'm not expecting much, both of those services are useless and people saying positive things about them are just too nice. I played about 20min of Doom on PS now and 10min god of war and the experience was just so bad I gave up. Geforce now I have been testing for over 6 months.

Note I didn't feel any latency whatsoever on either PS now or Geforce now, image quality can be a problem even in 1080p as it already a bit soft, add in compression stuff and things can look quite soft/blurry at distance objects.

Geforce now can give a experience close to local play but it just random, sometimes it works okey, sometimes it just pointless and what game you play will also matter, let's see if google stadia can beat geforce now.

Overall I don't see why anyone wanna suffer streaming just to save a small amount of money, which might not even be true. People seem to think it's latency and image quality that will be the problem with streaming, but it's just all random small issues that is the problem. Example Doom on Playstation now, the aim is extremely sluggish and was completely unplayable.

I'm pretty excited for the streaming options as I prefer "slow", simulation or turn based games anyway. Fps, beat em up and platformer games probably are worst cases for streaming as higher input latency has a huge impact on playability in these.

Why on earth would i want to buy a product from the biggest censoring snowflake company on the planet? Google can go do one as far as i'm concerned. What's worse is that Google have all but cucked Microsoft and the xbox one too, Thank god sony are a Japanese company (though sony USA can go do one aswell)...!!!!!

For the ones interested in testing, you can wait for he actual launch which includes the free version and you don't have to pay anything. Stadia will be implemented in a way that when you are watching a video of a game on youtube, there will be a stadia button that will allow you to buy a game or test the demo. So testing the demo will cost nothing, a click from YT and imediately stream the game demo.

remember, Amazon is also planning to build a streaming platform, and they can make use of twitch to do such features stadia will do on top of youtube.

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