Forums - Gaming Discussion - Why don't we get the aggressive sort of commercials from official sources anymoer?

The consumer base has aged significantly. Sure, there's new blood, but for a long time, a majority of gamers were quite young. When I was a teenager, the odd gamer you'd find in their 30's and 40's played games primarily to lure you into their gingerbread house.

Chinese food for breakfast


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OneTime said:
It probably turns out to be more effective and cheaper to create an account on VGChartz and advertise your games discretely on message boards forums....

Shills? Shills Everywhere!

Fancy hearing me on an amateur podcast with friends gushing over one of my favourite games?

That's just not the style right now. It'll come back sometime. As was mentioned above, ads, like everything else, are a product of their time.

Where I live you are not allowed to mention other specific brands/companies in your advertisement, and I have a feeling this is the case in most western countries outside USA.

So making 1 commersial you can use in a lot of countries seems to make more sense.

because this is the snowflake era and no one knows how to laugh.


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Because that kind of childish marketing isn't relevant anymore?


LiquorandGunFun said:
because this is the snowflake era and no one knows how to laugh.

Love your avatar.


Because Nintendo is awesome and Crash Bandicoot always sucked. And so did SEGA. That's why they needed attack ads to maintain relevancy. Nintendo's old stuff is still fun to play today, PS1 and SEGA stuff? Not so much (except for Dreamcast)