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Forums - Movies & TV - The Expanse Season 4 - Official Teaser | Update: Official Trailer.

Yessssssssssss! I love this series! I think The Expanse was my first exposure to Hard Sci-Fi (a term I didn't even know existed until this show). I love how utilitarian the aesthetics are, how important gravity is, and how modern-day issues have evolved in an era of stellar travel. Everything just really clicks for me.

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Awesome can't wait. This and Picard will fill my sci-fi needs.

To be annoying :) It's not gravity, g-forces / acceleration is the limiting factor. I love the fact that they actually take all the air out of the ship for combat. Saves the risk of fire and explosive decompression. Holes are going to happen anyway. Peter F. Hamilton is very good at describing realistic space battles, edge of your seat reading.

One of my all time favorite shows. Sci fi done but with all the right science aswell. Watched through the first three seasons numirous times and I'll wTch through them again just before season 4 starts. I wonder if we've seen the end of Joe Miller now? He was one of my favs.

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Expanse is probably my favourite TV series of all time, to the point where I'm not even gonna watch the trailers for season 4 just so I go in totally unspoiled. 

I too love its grounded, gritty, politically charged take on the future, so much more compelling and thought out than most sci-fi. As for characters, Chisjen and Miller are my absolute favs, awesome characters played to perfection.

I was so, so freaking pissed off when it jumped ship from Netflix to Amazon, fuck the streaming service wars. I'll wait for DVD.

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Fuck yeah i'm ready for it!

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I fucking love this show.

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It's coming! Only on Prime Video. It's not coming :(

Well, nearly a year late to the party, I finally finished Season 4.

It wasn't quite as great as the first three, but it's still one of my all time favourite shows.

I do worry about Season 5 though; (SPOILERS)

I was hoping they'd go more in the direction of exploring the race who created the protomolecule and the force that wiped them out, as well as exploring new worlds, but it seems they're focusing more on a war between the human factions which is a lot less interesting and already done in Season 2. It also seems like they're preparing to kill of Nancy Gao in the Asteroid attack so Aversarala can be put back in charge, which feels like a copout, as if they can only make her character work when she's in a leadership role. The guy they're setting up as the big villain just isn't very interesting or compelling either.
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Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023. (And over 130 million lifetime)

Yea season 4 was not as good as first 3 but still better than most tv shows out there. Let's see what they do with 5.