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Well, nearly a year late to the party, I finally finished Season 4.

It wasn't quite as great as the first three, but it's still one of my all time favourite shows.

I do worry about Season 5 though; (SPOILERS)

I was hoping they'd go more in the direction of exploring the race who created the protomolecule and the force that wiped them out, as well as exploring new worlds, but it seems they're focusing more on a war between the human factions which is a lot less interesting and already done in Season 2. It also seems like they're preparing to kill of Nancy Gao in the Asteroid attack so Aversarala can be put back in charge, which feels like a copout, as if they can only make her character work when she's in a leadership role. The guy they're setting up as the big villain just isn't very interesting or compelling either.
Last edited by curl-6 - on 05 November 2020

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