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Forums - General Discussion - Music people, I need your help - URGENT

Hi all. I recently purchased a Humble Software Bundle for music making:

I have not even opened it yet, but I've just had to take a very fast trip to the US that ends Friday and I could REALLY use your help. In my country, midi controllers are really expensive and if you could point me in the direction of nice hardware to buy and make the most of the software in the bundle it would be much appreciated. 

Here is an example of things that caught my attention:

Bear in mind that I have no experience with this kind of hardware OR software, so if I sound as someone who doesn't know what he's saying, it's because that is true. :)

Cheers and many thanks.

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You should probably take this to a specialized forum or reddit. They'll be more than happy to point you to tutorials for absolute beginners.

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Yeah, you should try posting it here:

Or you could ask MakingMusic476 if he still posts here.