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Forums - General Discussion - [Update]I have OCD. How to deal with that?

I want to update your guys on my situation. This thread is old, but I don't feel like creating a new one just to post this. I apologize if this is necro-bumping.

Well, it's been what, around four years, since I started the treatment. A lot of things happened in my life. Some good things and some harsh things. I learned how to drive, Started a new college course, discovered some cool games, animes, movies... But on the other hand, this year I lost three family members, two of them to COVID, and one to cancer. Yeah, that was some suffering.

I don't understand, when those deaths happened, I was supposed to have some kind of breakdown, but... Well, I cried for some time, but a couple of days later, I was fine. I don't get it, my mom was surprised to see how well I handled the situation, but I had some kind of dilemma, because I wasn't reacting like I thought I would be. It was like I wasn't myself at all. "Why I'm not having a breakdown at all?" I thought.

I talked about that to my doctor, and he said I am showing progress. He told me that I probably would have reacted different if I wasn't taking my medication. And I shouldn't think too much about that. In other words, I shall enjoy life and good moments. I was like "So I must be a robot then? Show no emotions at all?". But yeah, I know I'm wrong. I think my vision about life still needs to change a bit.

While I was sad because of these things, I was also thinking that... Well, if I overcame losing three family members, I think I can deal with that fu#@$ing Disorder. Also I think the answer to my question "Why I'm not having a breakdown?" is something like... "Because I'm doing better now."

Thanks for reading.

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Well done on your progress man, I'm sorry to hear of your losses, but also glad to hear you are coping better with life in general and have made some big steps forward.

It's a tough deal, living with OCD, but with time, persistence, and determination, it can be tamed. All the best to you.

Hey guys. It's been some years since I made this thread. I thought about creating a new one, but since I just want to give an update, maybe just use this..

A couple of days ago (last friday to be more specific) I went to the doctor so he would give me the medication I need. But it was a different doctor, and he wanted me to share everything that happened to myself. I spend almost 30 minutes with him, but I told everything.

He gave me the same medication from before, but he also told something I didn't knew: Turns out I have Schizophrenia.

When I arrived home, I went to search about this disease. And now, a lot of things makes more sense to me. I have some of the symptoms, like loss of motivation, being recluse since my teens, constant humour change, etc. I just don't understand why the previous doctor didn't told it to me, only repeating that I have OCD.

Well, I'm not dangerous, or anything. But it doesn't have a cure, so... Yeah, it sucks. Now that I think about it, maybe that's why I have some crazy ideas sometimes. The doctor told me to keep writing stories and learning new things to make my mind more busy.

Other than that, I'm fine with it. I'll take my medications, try to keep calm, and enjoy life.

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