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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition announced for the Nintendo Switch!

It was just announced in the Nindies Direct!Comming to the Switch in 27th September!!!

Holy fuck, MS is really going third party.September is packed as hell.

Edit: Oh, and it is published by XBox game studios!

Edit 2: Just confirmed by the developers that it will have no compromises! 1080p 60 fps in docked mode and 720p and 60 fps in undocked mode!

Trailer is up!Looks much better than the one on the stream, obviously:

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looks great! will get it for sure!

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

Truly fascinating. At this wait not only will I not need an Xbox, I won't even need to upgrade my PC.

Having watched people playing Ori, I've always considered it a "hard for hard sakes" type of game. Where you play for the challenge.
Being on the handheld, maybe I'll give it a try. A demo would be great.

edit: Apparently it is 1080/60fps and 720/fps. Also the definitive version apparently they added an easy mode?

I'm intrigued.  I can't do cuphead because those boss fights set off my AHDH something fierce. Way too many projectiles on the screen at one time.

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Wow do we Xboners get Smash in return or something

edit, this is a joke because of the nonsense in that Halo Switch thread 

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Haven't watched the Direct yet, but I hope Ori gets a physical copy.

Always wanted to play it, now i can

Love that Ori is coming. All of the MS Indies are a really good fit for Switch and I'm sure Cuphead did well, so it's nice to see the continued support by MS. They are really trying to push Game Pass and they're being smart about it.
There were also a few other promising looking games in the presentation as well.

Day 1, loved it. Only game I miss when I sold my One.

Could be MS trying to soften Nintendo for game pass on the switch via xCloud. Would be interesting if we see an announcement along those lines. Hell, that might actually get me to upgrade my wiiU to a switch.