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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - New Sword/Shield trailer: Galarian forms and new rivals

Surprised this hasn't been posted yet.

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Life was better before it was posted.

Seems like all the trash gimmicks from the 7th generation are making a return, huh.

Forms are neat, a smug rival is cool and hopefully he's relevant. The red herring silly villain team though feels unnecessary. I would rather the sinister big bads up front than have the game play coy unnecessarily. Few people fell for it last time, no one will this time.

Though since they are doing this hopefully they stick to it this time and don't spoil the main villain literally a couple months before release.

Loving the black-and-white color schemes. And Team Yell seems neat: more like rabid fans than a criminal organization. Like it!

Like the chara design so far and seems we could finally get a new dick-ish rival once again.

Also, Zigzagoon getting a new form alongside, his evo and a new evolution proper to this generation was kind of a genius move.

And seeing, mZuzek disturbed means they're doing something good. All is great so far !

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Can't wait for the lewds.

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I love Zigzagoon, and the new forme/evo look good, I do like bourgeoisie Weezing too. New formes are great. However, they're literally the only positives I've seen regarding the games. Was really expecting something bigger (and longer) for a reveal that was revealed days prior.

That 4chan leak is also 99.9999% proven true now, so a Farfetch'd evo is coming as well - as he's my second favourite Pokemon, that's great.

- Zigzagoon looks okay.
- Linoone looks terrible. I guess it's supposed to be a badger, but why can't it keep its tongue in its mouth?? And the mean look in general doesn't fit Linoone at all. This looks less like an actual linoone than Morpeko looks like Pikachu. Btw, a fun fact about badgers in the UK: the Brits love gassing them.
- Obstagoon looks weird and makes no sense as a Linoons evolution.
- Morpeko is by far the least interesting or original electric rodent ever. That's probably the reason why they gave it another form as well.
- Galar Weezing is alright.
- Rivals seem okay, but the "evil" team is just ridiculous.

vivster said:
Can't wait for the lewds.

I haven't checked, but knowing the internet, there was likely already porn of the new female character by the time you posted this.

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.

Regional forms are back? Huge surprise considering its game freak, I was expecting this to go into the trash heap along with the countless other features they dropped.

And it's for Zigzagoon! A non gen 1 pokemon! and a cross gen evo for it as well, first time since gen 4 (not counting Sylveon).

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