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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Can Nintendo clear its FY2019 forecast in only 3 quarters ?


Can Nintendo beats its forecast in only 3 quarters ?

Impossible 8 26.67%
They will be close 14 46.67%
Strong probability for it 6 20.00%
Easily 2 6.67%
Amnesia said:
jonathanalis said:

Well, a trimester = 3 months.

1 year = 12 months.

A quarter= 1 year/4= 12 months/4 = 3 months.

Therefore, 1 trimester= 1 quarter.

He made me bugging so much with that..."trimestre" is 3 months in french. Anyway it was better to change and use "quarter" in this context.

Trimester literally means 3 months in Latin, so yeah, a trimester is a quarter of a year. But you have only 3 trimesters at school because the 4th one is the school holidays, taken together. Hence why there's only 3 trimesters for most people who talk about them.

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And now ?

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Ill answer the question at the end of the month

Looks like Nintendo underestimated their forecast.

Amnesia said:
And now ?

Still no.

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No, but at least their forecast is realistic this year and they'll almost certainly hit 18 million for the full 12 months.

Unlike last year where they were tripping balls and thought they could go most of the year with no big releases and hit 20 million.

Soundwave said:

The Lite is still quite bulky and the value proposition isn't really that great, you get full Joycons, a larger screen, the ability to dock to a TV, and better battery life with the new regular Switch model.

It's a great value proposition if you're a parent wanting to buy a handheld for your kid(s), a 3DS owner who hasn't upgraded yet because the base model is too expensive and not portable enough, or don't really care about docked play.

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Depending on how strong the Switch's momentum is from Switch Lite/Dragon Quest to Pokemon, then it may have a shot.

This is my guess:

FY2019 Q1 : 2,13 M

FY2019 Q2 : 3,5 M

FY2019 Q3 : 10,5 M

Total at this point would be 16,13 M

IIRC, FY2018 Q3 was 10M and it was overshipped.
And for FY2019 Q4 I expect to be strong, around 3-3.5M

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