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Once Upon a Time in America. the original release and the director cut are worlds apart.

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chapset said:
Once Upon a Time in America. the original release and the director cut are worlds apart.

Almost mentioned that movie also but only the US got the extremely shorter and edited 139 minute version of the film in Europe the movie was 229 minutes.  The directors cut still has some scenes missing since when it first premiered it was 269 minutes.  Also when they finished filming it they apparently had eight to ten hours worth of footage and the original plan was to release it in two parts that would have been three hours each. 

Bristow9091 said:
teamsilent13 said:

That is the only version I saw and I have to say it's one of the worst movies I have ever watched in my life. I quite literally have hatred for it.

What exactly made it one of the worst movies you've ever watched? Because I've seen the Leprechaun films, I've seen The Room, I've seen Disaster Movie, I've seen Freddie Got Fingered, heck, I've seen so many films that could be added to a list of "worst movies I've ever watched in my life", and Watchmen isn't even close to hitting that list, lol.


He must not have seen many movies if he seriously thinks any version of Watchmen is the worst movie ever, especially the DC.

d21lewis said:
Watchmen. Loved it so much more after the Director's Cut. Still a product of its time and a Snyder film but I didn't want it to end.

One of my most beloved super hero movies is watchmen,it's different,it's daring,gritty and it stands above much of the more generic/safe superhero movies.

Doctor Manhattan would also wipe the floor with most of the Marvel heroes

I just watched the Extended Cut of Sucker Punch. While still not a GREAT film, it definitely fleshes out the story by adding back in missing story elements from the TC, including a pivotal scene with Jon Hamm (High Roller) and Emily Browning (Baby Doll) that makes the ending much more clear and ups the ante with more gritty action that was also missing from the TC.

It might be worth a second viewing for people who didn't like TC, which is many. Actually, this cut seems to have gained quite a few new fans.