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Used to have a better avatar :P

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estebxx said:
Used to have a better avatar :P

Doesn't like potable gaming.

Is playing Skyrim on the Switch. Guess he doesn't have it on any of the other billion platforms it's on?

Smithers to RolStoppable's Mr. Burns.

- "If you have the heart of a true winner, you can always get more pissed off than some other asshole."

COKTOE said:
Smithers to RolStoppable's Mr. Burns.

Doesn't only like The Simpsons memes but The Simpsons references as well.

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Is a kid that's gone on.

Dulfite said:
Is a kid that's gone on.

Is a religious person

Clearly admires Piccolo and read his name in Alfred's voice.

PSN ID- RayCrocheron82

XBL Gamertag- RAFIE82

NNID- RAFIE82/ Friend Code: SW-6006-2580-8237

YouTube- Rafie Crocheron

Confused people with the lack of "L" in his name. 

Also, I used to come to this site when I was a pre-teen (true story) back in 2008. This was the main thread my little trolly-self posted in. Lost that account along with its e-mail, though. Ah, the memories.

remembers the good 'ol days of VGC when he was a wee tike

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