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Forums - Movies Discussion - We Need A More Mature Spider-Man Movie


Best Spider-Man movies?

Spider-Man (2002) Trilogy 19 51.35%
Amazing Spider-Man Duology 3 8.11%
Spider-Man Home Duology 15 40.54%
John2290 said:
Yeah, I was shocked at Homecoming. Embarassed really and no interest in far from home.

Far From Home is an improvement but that's not saying much in terms of the characters and overall plot, you might really like into the Spider-Verse though.

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Snoorlax said:
Hiku said:

If you're still not tired of the same discussion going nowhere for the 500th time, then make a thread about it in the politics section. Don't sneak this into the entertainment sections.

My God, if you're tired of reading peoples criticism, the very same political bull they don't like in movies then ignore it or just don't respond. It's really that easy and it's not as if your complaint is going to change my views about it.

Like I said, the problem isn't criticism. It's a non-constructive political discussion going nowhere, again and again, in the entertainment section.
If it was based on something tangible, such as a statement from the writer, then it's different. Then it could at least make for a constructive discussion.

And I didn't ask you to change your views, but to not put a nonconstructive political debate into the entertainment section.
You can do it in the politics section. Someone who doesn't like political bull in their entertainment should understand the sentiment.

Last edited by Hiku - on 24 July 2019