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Forums - General Discussion - Massive arson attack against Kyoto Animation leaves upwards of 20 dead, dozens injured

This is awful

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This is one of those stories where the more I read into it, the more I sit here and think "...wot" because it's ridiculous how fucked up someone can be to decide to go out and do something like this.

I hope the fucker pays for what he's done. -_-

NightlyPoe said:
vivster said:

I don't think we can rule out mental health issue with any mass murderer. No sane person mass murders.

Well, there are different levels.  Was he the Lee Harvey Oswald/John Wilkes Booth variety of being a narcissist who acted as "great men in history" in the stories that played in their minds, or the John Hinkley variety of thinking that shooting the president (that he reportedly liked) would make Jodie Foster fall in love with him?

Basically, I'm wondering if his belief that he'd been plagiarized and it was worth the lives of 33 people came from his own inflated sense of self-worth and righteousness, or if he had some sort of paranoid break with reality.

Based on some of the information that's come out, I'm thinking it's more of the former.  He apparently asked the police if they were there to arrest him, which would virtually torpedo any chance at an insanity defense if he were tried in the United States as it's pretty much an admission that he knows what he did is illegal.  Of course, I don't really know much about Japan's version of the insanity defense, but I imagine "understands the consequences of his actions" is a strong disqualifier of the insanity defense pretty much anywhere.

My money's still on his novels being unpublished garbage that no one has ever read.

Nobody will wanna read his work now that he's gone off the deep end. Should've copyrighted them instead of taking innocent lives over it. -_-