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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - [Theory] What has Retro Studios been doing for the last 5 years?

Chrkeller said:
Dulfite said:

Until they release multiple bad games in a short time, they are not the new Rare. 

Retro has released 2 original games in 7 years.  Mario Kart 7 and DK Tropic Freeze....  I can't see how anybody has faith in Rare at this point in time.  Something is clearly wrong with the studio.  DK wasn't even that great of a game.  And the Mario Kart formula is well established.  So really, Rare hasn't done much of anything impressive since the Wii via Metroid Prime 3.    

Retro average score on metacritic: 89
Lowest was 83 Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Highest was 97 Metroid Prime.
RARE average score on metacritic: 79
Highest score was 97 Perfect Dark, lowest was 63 Diddy Kong Racing DS.
Neither studio is historically bad. Retro may have produced less in recent years, but their games are still considered high quality by most. Whereas RARE's most recent flagship game, Sea of Thieves, essentially underwhelmed critically.

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Retro ported Tropical freeze to Switch.

Retro historically is amazing, but 2014 was their last game at an 83 meta. I can't help but be skeptical. Hopefully I'm wrong.

Chrkeller said:
My theory is Retro isn't the studio they used to be and has nothing worth showing over the last 5 years. They are the new Rare.

Except Rare has actually released games in the last 5 years. The only thing Retro has in common without Rare is making extra games in Donkey Kong Country, a series that Rare created.

When Rare created DKC, it was a cutting edge game series that blew minds and ruled the latter part of the 16-bit generation. When Retro made their extra games, it was neither cutting edge, mind blowing, or industry leading; it was a throwback whose greatest strength was memories of the original trilogy.

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Rare may have released games in the last 5 years but at best their recent titles have been mediocre. Rare used to be one of the best developers on the planet, maybe even the best back in the N64 days. Rare is a shell of their former self.

What Rare and Retro share in common, is they used to be a great developers...  over a decade ago.  Now they are both huge disappointments.

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I hope someone somewhere is workimg on another DKC game, or even a imagined DK Odyssey type game.

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SecondWar said:

I hope someone somewhere is workimg on another DKC game, or even a imagined DK Odyssey type game.

I just want another fun adventure game like 64. Yooka laylee is a blast (playing it for the first time currently) and shows me, plus Odyssey, that games like that can still be amazing. I want a new 3d Donkey Kong adventure!

Ok but well ... you based your hypothesis on the excistence of Star Fox Grand Prix and as seen lately, this game got no showing despite the heavy rumors it got a some point.

The origins of these rumors go back to a post made by an "insider" on SF's reddit which was soon followed by outlets looking it up thinking it might make a good click-article. Vergeben maintained the existence of this game and yet when it wasn't shown during the March Direct, he vanished.

Oh yeah, the explanation linking the racing feature in Starlink and the supposed SF Grand Prix is bogus due to timeframe problems.

Now, what did Retro do in the meanwhile ? I think they had some problems with their staff and management following the 2014 release of DK TF. Despite that, they ported DK TF on Switch and also worked on the port of Metroid Prime Trilogy HD but it just wasn't announced yet cuz of the delay for Prime 4.

Whatelse could they have worked on ? An original IP that had probably Sci-Fy themes in it's conceptualisation, sadly they never got far enough with it to actually start developping the title. Some of it's design might have been reused for the eventual demo they showed to Nintendo to convince them to take the MP4 project into their hands !

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