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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Most beautiful 2D game ever

I'm quite partial to the last two Yoshi games.

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mZuzek said:
curl-6 said:

What game would you nominate for this honour?

Do 2.5D games count or are we talking specifically 2D? With Bloodstained being so fresh I can't help but think of it, it looks so good.

If it's strictly 2D, though, I suppose I'm going with Ori and the Blind Forest too. I'd name a couple honorable mentions, but when I start thinking of them it's too many, so, I won't.

This! 100% agreed with Bloodstained, by FAR my game of the year right now ahead of RE2.

drbunnig said:
I'm quite partial to the last two Yoshi games.

Agreed, those are two of my top picks too, beautiful games. (Though technically Crafted World isn't 2D I guess since you often move in the z axis)

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The best looking 2D game that I've actually played is Muramasa: The Demon Blade.

Not exactly the most advanced game anymore, but Yoshi’s Island still looks beautiful.

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Haven't played that many 2D games with excellent graphics, but I guess Odin Sphere is worth mentionning

Though from what i've seen in this thread, it seems Bloodstained will easily take the medal.

Ori, Mario 3D World in Mario Maker 2(does this count?) and Hollow Knight.

Edit: Rayman Legends/Origins and Tropical Freeze as well.


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Cuphead. Nailed the cartoon look.

Rayman, Trine and Ori would be near the top of my list.

But for me, although not technically most impressive by a long shot, its art style is something that enchanted me the most - Machinarium


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Tales of Eternia

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