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Is xbox game pass a system seller?

Yes 19 31.67%
No 41 68.33%
Machiavellian said:
I believe that gamepass will be a console seller and MS is positioning it as a auto sub for anyone looking to purchase a MS Console. By MS having all of their exclusives day one playable from gamepass, MS is positioning gamepass to be a purchase right along with the console since you instantly get 100+ games you can download and play day one. You really cannot dismiss the advantage of playing all MS exclusives not including any of the extra content they get on gamepass as the library increases. Including PC into the space add even more advantage as this can be an easy entry for some to purchase the console and get ultimate. Its a very smart business model and something the competition doesn't have and cannot replicate. If MS continue to add more high profile content to the service and market it correctly, it can be something that truly separate MS console from the competition.

I know for me, this E3 with a lot of games I am interested in coming to gamepass, this is the first time I looked serious at the service and purchase a sub.

And what exactly is stopping Sony and Nintendo from replicate it?  I mean Sony already has the PS Now, they just need to match the price.

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I must admit, I’m somewhat surprised by this poll’s results. I thought that “Yes: option would be less popular than it currently is.


For me? No. Although I have it and it's undoubtedly an incentive, without a doubt.

But from the looks of it, I think at least, it's a cover up for a future digital console. A test run. Which scares me because it's a sneaky tactic and I'm an Xbox fan who wants nothing to do with a digital console.

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I hit up gamepass when it goes on sale for $1 or if there is an X1 exclusive I want to try for cheap (used it for Crackdown 3). I can easily live without it as I barely use it, so I certainly do not see it as a system seller personally. When it goes on sale, I usually just play games that I think I might like but am not willing to invest the money into. The problem is that I already have a huge backlog of games on the horizon on Switch alone to keep me from playing either my PS4 or my X1.

BUT lets look at it from another stance. Before my career took off and I was still going to school, money was a lot tighter. In this case a $250 X1S with a subscription to gamepass would be a huge deal, and could easily have won my attention despite XBox not being my console of choice. So while it might not do anything for me personally NOW, I can definitely see how it could win some people over if advertised correctly.

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Maybe for some people. But I personally feel the whole subscription thing is idiotic. I'd much rather pay more for something up front, than pay forever and end up paying much much much more over the long term.

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I am a xbox user, gamepass can be interesting for some people, but i think is more useful for keep current users into the brand.
I buy a lot of games, but gamepass allows me to check out games that I would not buy without trying them before.even if I find them funny at the end (Sea of thieves, crackdown 3, Just cause, etc)
I also bought several games that I did not know and now they are my favorites of this generation (Ashen, Mutant year zero,momodora,the surge,etc) and now i can even play the PC version of Valkyria Chronicles in my pc thanks to gamepass..
For people with a limited budget, a new xbox and a gamepass subscription could be very convenient.

Sorry for my bad english.

It isn't a seller for me, right now. But, I do like the fact that it is available, and it certainly is something I'll think about when I decide which console to buy first next generation.

The poll seems pointless because the gaming market seems to have already spoken and the answer is "no".

Xbox One sales have steadily declined over the years despite Microsoft's obsession with specs and "most powerful console" marketing/propaganda push.

I assume the OP's story is also fabricated as a stealth advertisement for Game Pass while trying to downplay Sony's games. Not sure most people would buy a console at the end of a generation to rent and download/fill up a HDD with old games when most of those games on Game Pass can be purchased for cheap in a bargain bin.

Some people seem to overhype every single thing Microsoft does. Some media peoples hyped up the power of cloud with Crackdown which turned out to be a lie and a dud. They hyped up Play Anywhere which turned out to be a dud. They hyped up Game Pass as this innovative new thing.

I think the reality here is that Game Pass is not this amazing new thing that people want. Just like the other Microsoft projects that people overhyped. Game Pass was Microsoft's response to PS Now. PS Now was out for years and Microsoft didn't have their own servers to stream games like Sony did. So Microsoft created Game Pass until they could create a streaming service to copy PS Now.

If Game Pass was appealing to people then PS Now would probably also appeal to those same people since they're similar subscription services. A person could buy a PS4 to have access to GOW as well as PS Now which makes OP's story seem even more unlikely.

Just my 2 cents.

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I feel like the general consumer doesn't even know it exists. I wonder if your friend had known about it if you didn't mention it to him so many times.

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Well it's not a system seller for me since I already owned Xbox when I joined game pass. But it's an amazing service. I don't personally understand the need to own all the games. Especially physical copies are just a nuisance.

I can see it being an incentive to buy Xbox though. You get plenty of games to play for decent price and those console exclusive games are excellent. Most of them at least. Microsoft just needs to market this service Even More, there's too many gamers who don't know what it is.