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Forums - General Discussion - How Would You Rate E3 2019 Out of 10?


How Would You Rate E3 2019 Out of 10?

10 47 4.05%
9 67 5.77%
8 160 13.78%
7 230 19.81%
6 233 20.07%
5 151 13.01%
4 101 8.70%
3 78 6.72%
2 34 2.93%
1 60 5.17%

It was fine. 6/10.

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4/10 for me

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I was really hoping Microsoft and Nintendo were going to announce a huge partnership and we'd get Gamepass and Ori and maybe even a streamable Halo MCC and Halo 5, but no, all we got was Super Lucky's Tale and a Minecraft spinoff. And Banjo in Smash, can't forget that, though that wouldn't have needed a huge partnership. If the rumors are true about all this, we didn't find out about it at E3, which was super disappointing. That said, there was no shortage of amazing new games shown off at multiple conferences, so I didn't even miss Sony. 8/10 for me.

1/10 because I could have missed the whole thing while missing nothing.

I thought it was pretty good. A little more big news would have been great, but we pretty much knew ahead of time there wouldn't be anything earth-shattering. Thankfully, there were no cringe-worthy moments (that I am aware of), or any big events that's just flopped. I expect next year to be pretty huge though.

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I'd give this E3 a 6/10 overall.


Without Sony this year, I had no hype, or expectations for E3. Unfortunately not too many games got me excited. I did enjoy the Cyberpunk, FFVIIR & Pokemon showings though.

About a 5 from me. Nintendo was the saving grace this year.

I give it a E3.

Hunting Season is done...

Without Sony, 6/10. Solid I would say.

Is there a poll result for the previous E3s?