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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Breath of the Wild 2 will take place in the same Hyrule.

I really want to revisit that world again. And that means new story and and enemies and all. I am sure they will deliver on all fronts again, and make it as exciting as the first game. I'm sure we will get something at the VGA's and then we have more to go on.

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So a Q4 2020 release is a possibility? This might mean that. Honestly adding dungeons, new gameplay elements and improving the UI/UX would be enough for me to try it out.

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Marth said:
lol you guys are already getting riled up about a game we know nothing about

I know right?

And honestly there is so much untapped potential and ways this can be handled, it could honestly feel like an entirely new map while also being the same (if that makes any sense).

I am suprised at how many people jump to this just being a full priced DLC.  But then, a few people may just be looking for ways to downplay the game too.

While it is a legitimate concern if we had a gameplay trailer and it looked like the same game, we know next to nothing about the direction they are taking other than it will take place in Hyrule and it will be very dark.  So with that in mind, I think people worried need to take a step back and just be happy for the announcement.  I am sure we will know more about the game soon enough and we should reserve judgment until then.

For now, I just like to read fun theories about the breakdown of the trailer because that is really all we can do at this point.

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Curl... It’s going to be good. No worries.

So, they will maintain the original landscape, I see no problem with that. Everything can be changed; new cities, new structures, new vegetation, new animals, new monsters, new caves and even new areas can be added to the map.

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Marth said:
lol you guys are already getting riled up about a game we know nothing about

The nintendo side: fake news, moral panic, misinformation is the norm. The worse the unfounded news is better the acceptance.

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curl-6 said:
PAOerfulone said:

Yes, because the mindset and mentality behind developing DLC expansion packs is totally the same as that of developing a brand new game. 

That's just the thing, if its the same map, will it even feel like a new game, or just BOTW DLC Pack 3, just at $60?

1. Hyrule Castle is being raised, maybe other structures get raised too like the towers did in BotW 1.

2. They found Ganondorf underground in an ancient dungeon like place. Who's to say we may have more of those. So tons of underground hyrule.

3. Hyrule Castle is being raised, maybe we visit Skyloft and other places in the sky?

4. Maybe its been a few years since BotW finished and thus many new towns, ruins fixed, Lon Lon ranch rebuilt, ect. The world could look insanely different being not broken. Remember, enemies spread throughout the world, closest to hyrule town kept all civs like spread out to the edges. 

5. Think of OoT and the difference between adult and young Link's hyrule. Same overworld, yet very different. 

6. 90% of all Zelda games take place in the same Hyrule. Always going to Zora's domain, death mountain, gerudu's desert, ect. All in same locations. Does it looking somewhat different in each game really make it feel so much more special? I'm more of a different mind many times. I'm like comparing Zora's domain in each game and like "how does it look so insanely different each time" Not that things can't change, but sometimes the locations seem almost different or there is no evidence of what it used to be.

7. I feel like will not have his rune abilities he had in BotW, thus even if exactly the same world it will feel totally different traversing it.

irstupid said:
Here is something to consider.

I feel that Link will lose his sheikah slate, and all those abilities.

Imagine the exact same Breath of the Wild world, no changes, except without those abilities. Replace them with things like the hookshot and others. Just that alone will make the world feel different.

Now I'm not saying that is all they will do, but removing the slate abilities would change the game drastically.

That there is my ideal situation for this game.

This greatly damages my interest. I don't think Zelda has EVER done something this lazy before. Keeping in mind MM and ST were whole new worlds with the same assets and engine, and ALBW was 20 years later in a whole new engine. This is the same overworld and engine.

Xxain said:
It was announced as a direct sequence to Breath of the Wild. Why wouldn't it be the same Hyrule?

I don't know, guess people thought maybe they'd take the same rout as Majora's Mask, Phantom Hourglass and Link's Awakening. That's why it's kinda surprising to see it happen in the same Hyrule as Breath of The Wild.